Avon stops production.

But the Mk II still says 215.50/15.....
Actually in the "Owner's Manual" it says 225/50/15, but orally I was told by Superformance/Hillbank that 225s won't work (they were rather emphatic, as I recall, re body damage). The Owner's Manual is generally not the best, to put it mildly. I thank everyone who has replied to my inquiries, but I think the bottom line is that unless you want to experiment with different makes front/rear (and people will then say "never mix makes"), go to different wheels etc., your choice is the Avons or BF Goodriches.

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I called Sasco last week (US East coast distributor) and they confirmed all that is being discussed on the forum. I was surprised to hear that they had my tires in stock. I run CR6ZZ’s 295/50/15 and 215/60/15. I jumped on it and ordered a set immediately. And for the record they were 23% more than the last time I bought about 12 months ago!
For those of us building and crystal ball gazing, it makes it hard to commit to a particular wheel package at this point in time. I do hope some good news comes up soon.

Ron Earp

Might have to consider alternatives. Hoosier certainly offers a large number of race tires that I've used for nearly twenty years. The still make some of the smaller wheels sizes as far as I know.
This was from the May Motorsport issue.
Avon tires06052023.jpg
So Cooper bought Avon, then Goodyear then bought Cooper and now Goodyear doesn't want to use the Avon factory to make any more tires?

I hope they get a good tax right-off for the factory closure.


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There's a slither of encouragement in that the equipment and plant will be mothballed, so maybe a third party can pick it up to operate. If Goodyear had taken an honest look inside their own house they should have concluded their tires are no match for Avons and that was the brand to keep for motor sports.
Prices on Avon's have soared lately in the EU, partly due to Brexit?
All is just very sad - the CR6ZZ is my favorite street tire for 60s cars. I stockpile some sets in my basement ;-)
I had a message from my friend at Goodyear last week.

“so ........Avon tyres ...there is still no solid response. They are trying to build up a 12-24month stock. There is no real appetite for GDYR to produce these .There is interest for 3rd parties to take over the production though”


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Today I spoke to one of Avon's distributors in Germany.
According to him there is no solid feedback on how things go on. One option being discussed seems a relocation to another Avon plant which produces street tires......!???
Currently there seems no shortage as he still has inventory and confirmed orders......
We have to see.
118 years of tyre production has ended ... in the name of mass production and the quest for ever more profit for investors???

I could not refrain from buying a 2nd spare set of CR6-ZZ's for my car today. I don't know of an equal alternative for a street legal race tyre on 15" rims...


I have two full sets of Avons I bought for my CAV 6 months ago. 295/50/15, 215/60/15 total of 8 tires. They were vacuum sealed in bags when they arrived. I am listing my car for sale and would sell these separately. located near Tacoma, Wa. I'd sell them for $4,400.00.