Battery Suggestions?

Ron R.

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OK, so I'm finally getting close to the instal. I don't see a size suggestion in the owner's manual (and I have used the search function here, for those of you who are smart arses), what are the rest of you using?

Any favorite brand? Optima, Odyssey...


Alan Watkins

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...what are the rest of you using?

Any favorite brand? Optima, Odyssey...
In my case, according to my notes, Dennis Olthoff suggested a power master size 57. I took half the advice and, going with a philosophy probably too much influenced by off-roading, I got the biggest one that would bit in the compartment, S1200:

Weight Lbs. – 35.94
Weight Kgs. – 16.30
Length – 7.97 in
Height – 6.75 in
Width – 6.69 in
MAX Amps – 2600
RC – 80min.
CA – 725A​

But, according to my notes a size 57 is 8-1/16 x 7-3/16 x 6-15/16. So maybe I did follow his advice. IAE the S1200 leaves about 1" total on the side (that is longitudinally from the car's point of view) and no real space in the other two dimensions. In addition, to be comfortable with clearances I did not used their terminals but rather bolted my wiring down with 6 mm screws into the threaded brass bushings in the battery (which I cleared with their tech support).

One thing I did recently that I'm a little proud of is, rather than get involved with the usual diagonal hooks, etc, for retaining the battery I cut and notched a piece of rectangular tubing in such a way that when the battery is slid all the way into a corner and the tubing piece placed along the long side opposite the terminals it exactly pins the battery down in all three dimensions when the top of the battery box is fastened down. I'd show a picture but it's all buttoned up with compicated stuff on top of it. But it's not hard to figure out how to do what I did.
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Ron R.

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Thanks, Alan.

I'll probably head on over to the local batteries plus and see what I can find. I too am a proponent of too much is just enough, so I'll go with a similar sized battery. Haven't decided on how to secure and insulate the thing, but like your idea.

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Ron R.

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So we have votes for Odyssey, Optima and powermaster. I've had a red top in another car for a few years, but i know some people have had problems with them in the past....there may have even been a thread about it here.

I'd rather use threaded terminals, but I will check the size and configuration of the specific models mentioned. I'd have to say that I'm leaning towards Alan's suggestion, as it is known to fit in my application.

Thanks one and all.
Look at a 96R battery. Fits SPF perfectly with no extra space. I stumbled on this because I had a 2002 Ford Focus with the same battery. Doesn't have threaded terminals though.

Alan Watkins

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Odyssey PC680 for the past five years. Keep a battery tender on it.
That's 7 x 3 x 6-1/2, nice and small and at 15 lb less than half the weight of mine. Nice.

Dimi's is 6-1/2 x 7 x 5, and 27 lbs, just a little smaller and lighter.

96R: Damn! I rejected that one because I thought it was too long.
Decided to go with the Odyssey PC680. It's small and light, so I figured it would fit in with the "race car" theme of the build. Besides, I have another car (potential real race car) that I think the battery would work well in, so I figured I could use the GT as a trial run. It was cheap too ($115 plus shipping ~$10 tax... from a company in Colorado).

I'll have to get out some sheet aluminum and fab up a bracket to hold the thing in place, though. On the plus side, it does have screw-in terminals, which I wanted.

I'll post my impression and photos when I've got it mounted.
How's the "BLUE BEAUTY" doing Cliff? I hope very well. That OPTIMA Red Top that I bought in 2001 has been a good one.

Hope you and your family are doing well also.

Hi Joseph!

Nice to bump into you! I hope all is well on your end.

She's doing great. A few tweaks here and there but overall she has been a just a joy. Come to Seattle and you can take her for the day!

Yes, that's a heck of a battery! 10 years old and doing great. I don't baby it - she sits flat and dead as a dodo all winter long in an unheated garage, then hit 'er hard in the spring time with the fast charger and boom, she's ready for a whole sping/summer/fall driving season. No fuss no muss.

So I went with the Odyssey P680. Of course, it is much smaller than the battery box in the sponson, so I fabbed up an aluminum bracket, lined it on one side with .125 closed cell foam. There was so much space left that I decided to stick the MSD in there too.

I know, don't put the MSD in closed spaces...well, its not an entirely closed space, and I doubt it gets any hotter in there than many places in the engine compartment. If it doesn't work out, I'll pull it out, and there will be only four quarter inch holes hidden away as evidence that it was ever there. Worth a try, I don't like the idea of having it out in the open.