CamT's build thread

I hadn't received the tinted ones in time for the video, I've got them off to the side waiting for a few hours when I can install them. The difference with and without tint film is incredible to say the least, particularly up at elevation where I'm at now.

Mileage - this year's been a bit rough, I've probably been averaging a canyon drive once or twice a month since the weather got good. Overall the car probably has something near the 4000 mile mark, been a while since I looked at the odometer.

No plans to sell the car, as I say in the video, every time I strap into it I still get that adrenaline rush; loving every mile with the car when I can find an opportunity to drive it!
Good, glad to hear you did order a set at least. Same with mine, but they're next up to install. I'm excited to have a little darker windows too.

Glad to hear no plans to sell it and definitely can relate. I don't know why, but it is truly a rush when you strap yourself in it. I need more miles though, but have a feeling that's pretty much everyone's thought when owning one. Off to watch, but mainly listen to the short video.