CamT's build thread

The weather's starting to get chilly out in this part of the country and I felt the need to make a few changes. On a recent trip to the gas station I spilled gasoline on my dip and didn't have any paper towels nearby - the dip took a bit of a beating as standard plastidip isn't fuel resistant.

It was the convenient excuse I was looking for, the yellow was fun but it was starting to feel a bit dated. I felt the need to shake things up with a color change.

There's a certain satisfaction that comes with stripping plastidip off a car ... the challenge is to pull the entire panel intact. I've not been successful yet but maybe next time. Getting close!

I typed a lot of words on my blog to say that I really, really like how orange looks on this car and that's the color I opted to go for on this next dip. Specifically, safety cone orange. It's BRIGHT. has a new product called Dip Armor. It's a new top coat that's supposed to give the dip a lot more resistance to solvents like gasoline. It also dramatically changes the feel of the dip. My guess is it's an ultra thin automotive clear coat; thin enough and modified so that the dip remains pliable. It's only available in a satin finish at the moment; if they're able to figure out the formula for a gloss version it's going to completely blow open the doors for the dipping community.

A few photos after the dip armor has cured and taken on the satin finish (photo above was soon after spraying).

As part of my send-off for the yellow dip job I did a short walk-around video, mostly it was an opportunity to mess around with my new Insta360 One R camera. It's unfortunate my editing skills are so terrible, I've seen some really impressive videos shot with this camera.

There's been a bit more chatter on the boards as of late with folks talking about dipping their cars. I'm anxious to see what other dip jobs people come up with - mine have been fairly pedestrian. Maybe my next one will be more artistic - but that would require creativity in addition to talent, 2 things which are lacking on my end. In any case, I shot a series of videos going over how I prepped my SLC for dipping and the process I used this time around. I hope it'll be helpful to those considering this as an option.

As always, plenty more verbal vomit and photos on my blog:

81. Going full circle
Been waiting on you to do it orange, finally! Orange is still my favorite color on an SLC, hands down.

I recently sprayed a motorcyle parts with partly used gallon of 5yr old dip, no issues either. I hadn't dipped in 2.5yrs and my TopCoat skills are most definitely lacking. I'd be tempted to dip my SLC at some point, but after Plasti-dip messing up OEM paint on the Hayabusa on it's 4th dip, I can't bring myself to even chance it on a painted SLC.
Although Orange has been a favorite of mine forever I still prefer the Yellow on your car. CHANGE IT BACK !.
Funny that there us an option to make the Selfie Stick invisible in the 360 software apparently there's no way to make it's shadow invisible!

I'm thinking a gloss clear coat would show too much texture and dirt in the gloss when doing garage applied 'paint' work.
Rich -

I tried to minimize the amount of fiberglass I removed to keep as much stiffness as possible. I used fasteners to install everything as I figured I would want to remove the back at some future date - came in handy when I re-dipped the car.

I have photos and a description of what I did in the following blog posts; lots of verbal vomit so do some scrolling to get to the pertinent section:

Can't see the reason behind doing a SLC in that extreme black.. The SLC has such wonderful lines and they would be lost in that black.
Totally agree but would be neat to see it on a SLC. I don't think it'd be ever worth the effort though, not even on a simple "cruiser" motorcycle