CLP Motorsports LMP2 build

As CLP Motorsports gears up and builds our new facility, we are also building our complete line of Superlite Cars vehicles. Our dedication to the brand, and our desire to give the best customer service possible has us hard at work building SLC cars nonstop.

Here is the LMP2 that we purchased from Fran. This is the original LMP2 that SLC tested and proved the the LMP2 concept with.

CLP Motorsports has teamed up with SLC to be the official distributor for the LMP2 and is the exclusive national dealer for the LMP2.

This LMP2 is powered by a built 2.0 TDI engine and is mated to the VW manual transaxle.

Stay tuned as we refine, develop, and compete with this amazing little race car!


Welcome to CLP Motorsports LLC - Performance Engineering
Its nice to see the Nemesis parts shining through! Its also nice to see more room to work with than the Nemesis. Space comes at a premium in the Nemesis side pods.

Any chance you have the ability to show us the LMP2 to Nemesis conversion? I would love to see it.

Fran Hall RCR

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Hi Jim,

my original idea was to build the car as a diesel so we could run in some of the longer races and have the SLC/LMP1 as the hare and the LMP2 as the proverbial tortoise...not that's its slow but as it would run much longer on fuel.

This car was originally built for the 13hr at VIR last October...Team CLP is going to be running it in Diesel format and their second one will be gas...and probably far more powerful than this.
This little car is a blast! Pat drove it and he said it's the closest thing he has driven to a shifter kart but much faster. In that sense the only car he has driven that can carry insane speed, corner, and stop on a dime.

We will be adding a dog box, LSD, discriminator valves, fuel catch can, data system, telemetry, onboard video with 4g streaming, and wider tires. There will also be some innovative turbo upgrades.

Will this be the first ever twin compound turbo SLC LMP2? I hope so!

Fran Hall RCR

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Luke, that turbo package is the exact thing I would have done if Pat hadn't pestered me about the LMP2...wink.

The Whitbread performance built engine will hold the boost and compound turbos will really add lots of lower end torque...

I would remove one of the fuel tanks if its shorter events too...

Looking forward to seeing that little beast on track a whole lot more.
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Fran Hall RCR

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Got some of your Cali desert sand in my eye...winkwinkwink

Your next batch of cars all have the new uprights and billet suspension btw...
I was really pleased with the way the LMP2 came out considering we designed and built the whole car in about 6 weeks , body too...

The new lmp2 body is coming along really well and looks really cool...even more waisted in front of the rear wheels for a sleeker look and less drag too.
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Pat and I can't wait! Hopefully we can put the new arms on the LMP2 as well. Then have the steel ones for spares.

If any of the great members on this forum would like to see the LMP2 in person before we tear it apart for the upgrades send me a message. It truly feels like you are sitting in a fighter jet!