Coyote engine help needed

I have a 2014, 5.0l Coyote engine, 32 valve VVT, the engine come out of Ford Ranger 4x4 off road racing truck, Neil Woolridge Racing in South Africa. The engine was replaced with new engine after the truck suffered some fire damage in their workshop. Long story short the engine has no management system and no fuel inlet system. The questions are, can this motor be run with a carburettor setup, is there such a setup available and can the VVT be setup up to run without an engine management system. I am not building a race car, just a basic scratchbuilt GT40 that is road legal on a tight budget. I bought a factory reject body from CAV in Cape Town. Looking forward to any advise, thank you.

Randy V

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You may have an issue with the Variable Valve Timing unless the cams/followers have an acceptable default (limp) mode..
The Ford EECIV systems have been adapted to many different engines. It was a fairly bullet-proof sequential fuel injection system.

Mike Pass

It is a loss to fit a carb as most of the bits for fuel injection are already there to be used.The Ford EEC IV ecu is pretty impenetrable. I tried with with the Ford Granada Cosworth V6 engine and gave up after reading the 80 page manual! An aftermarket ecu is the way to go as they are relatively easy to set up using a laptop to enter the values in the lookup table or with a lambda sensor and closed loop setup it will learn and teach itself the best settings. All you need is a base program to get it running.
You will need a wiring harness and and an ecu for this side of things. Also needed will be a low pressure pump and return line to feed a swirl tank of 2+ litres and a high pressure pump to feed the injector rail (and return).

One of our NW club members has a Ford Modular engine like the Coyote in his Tornado. He bought the wiring loom and then an Emerald ecu. Runs great like a modern car.

I think these guys do a wiring harness

Website for Emerald ecu