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I'm debating on a few drive train options and would like to hear what everyone else thinks. My first idea that i've been tossing around is using a triton v10 with an audi 01E. I like this engine because its different from anything else out there, reliable, and has decent power and torque. The only issue I see with this combo is weight as the engine weighs 620lbs. I've also thought about taking a 351 Windsor and stroking and boring it to a 427. I like this idea as its more authentic and fits the car better. The problem I see with this is getting a trans capable of surviving the hp and torque without breaking the bank. My third idea is to use a ford barra engine. I like this engine because they are cheap and available in my area. They also make great power with great reliability. Id like to stay away from a ford 289 or 302 as id prefer to make a more unique car. Any input is appreciated.

Larry L.

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I've also thought about taking a 351 Windsor and stroking and boring it to a 427. I like this idea as its more authentic and fits the car better. .
THERE'S the answer to your quandary right there.
Come re$ale time you'll be very glad you went that way.
Seriously. Most buyers prefer traditional power trains.
And that's not even factoring in all extra time, engineering, money and hassle you'll avoid trying to shoehorn an 'off the wall' engine option into the car. ;)

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Mike Pass

One of our NW members has 351ci Windsor stroked to 428ci. 450hp and 500 ft.lbs. - been running through a Porsche G50 box for many years.
You don't need a V10 in a 2,000 lb GT40 - it's overkill. A small block would do fine. I'm running a 350 Chevy bored and stroked (450 HP) mated with a Porsche 930 transaxle.



John, I agree. A 620 pound engine in a GT40 will not be a good choice. In light weight cars every extra unneeded pound detracts from its performance. One example from history was the Can-Am car sponsored by Dan Blocker ("Hoss Cartwright" in the TV series Bonanza). It was a conventional mid-engine layout but he used a cast iron block Chrysler Hemi. It was far too big & too heavy for that car.
My car (not a GT40) has a Donovan engine, essentially a racing aluminum small-block Chevrolet. It has a 96 lb aluminum block, aluminum heads, aluminum intake manifold, etc. and the complete engine weighs only 390 lbs. Add to that a Porsche G50 transaxle, adapter, clutch, etc. of 154lbs and a 7lb geared mini-starter and you see why my car only weighs a little over 1804lbs total.

My advice, for what its worth, is to keep it light. If you are not going to build a copy of an "original" GT40, why not choose an engine other than a Ford. The SBC has may things in its favor- it is compact, lightweight (especially with an aluminum block), powerful, and the aftermarket parts are widely available and cheap compared to other makes. The later generation Chevrolet LT- series is also becoming very popular and should be considered.

Howard Jones

Here's some reading. The 377's are an interesting combo with middle of range rod ratios. Built to 450hp that's right at 1.2hp/ci. That's a very good number to run 92-93 octane pump gas in a 10/1- 10.75/1 CR motor.

If I was to build a new motor from scratch today I am pretty sure I would do a 331 short deck Winsor (302 stroked). Just my 2cs.

and the small Winsor's

I like the premium Scat 331 kit.
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Howard Jones

Weight's ?

blocks with main caps and bolts

stock 302 iron 2 bolt 135
stock 351 iron 2bolt 165
Ford performance 4 bolt boss 302 207
Ford boss iron 351 204
Dart iron 4 bolt 351 195

Ford performance aluminum 351 146
Bill Mitchel 302 aluminum 4 bolt 108

This was a quick check of google sources Jegs, Summitt, ford racing, Bill Mitchel other sources may vary a pound or two. All with bored liners, main caps, and hardware.

It looks like a stock iron 351 stroked to 377 might be the way to go both $$$ and weight wise at a target of 450HP.
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Will be interesting to see how his next build goes. Haven't seen the green machine pop up anywhere since he sold it.


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Interesting thread...
The O1E would shredd its bits with a V10.
I have 5.5L twin turbo V12 going into another build, but to find a transaxle for less than £30k that can handle the 650ft/lb torque seems very daunting.
Looks like it will be Porsche transaxle for now as they are cheaper and plentiful. Hewland would be great, but tslking serious money to get it working with the engine.
In a 40, the easiest is a 347, all parts fits in. I’ve used 351C & W in mine and regretting it everytime I try to fit or buy parts for them.

Good luck