Dyno Sheet from the Ford Lightning - Stock

Ron Earp

Here is the stock dyno sheet from the Lightning with only about 800 miles on the truck. This engine is rated at 380hp and 450 lb/ft of torque. Ford was known for underrating these engines and the one in the Cobra Mustang - it definitely shows here. Doesn't rev much, but it is a tuck motor and the torque curve is fat. These are rear wheel numbers mind you, not at the flywheel.....

That's interesting Ron. Why do Ford under-rate the hp figures though? I would love to see a Mustang Cobra rwhp dyno sheet, as that is the engine we are putting in my RF40. Ford put this engine at 330 hp. I'm sure with some tuning of the MoTeC, we should get a few more.
Ford may underrate to be conservative and stop lawsuits? For example GT is rated at just over 200mph officially, but it hit 212 at Nardo. But back to the engines, I think Mazda is a good example: When the RX8 arrived in the US the cars did not acheive the HP figures quoted due to restrictions for air quality and Mazda had to supply refunds, or take the cars back. Just my 0.02


Ron Earp

For those not in the US, Ford was badly burned with the 1999 Cobra Mustang. This car had nothing to do with the Cobra we all know, just a name applied to a Mustang pony car as it is a special edition.

Anyhow, the motor was the 4V 4.6 DOHC engine that was rated here in the US at 315 hp. Problem was,when people started getting them, testing them, tracking and dynoing the cars, it was clear the motor made nothing like 315hp. Somewhere around 280 was more like it. Ford issued a recall to fix the cars involving a free flow exhaust and some other stuff (check on the web, or, here, I'm sure some member had one of these cars).

Since then, at least with SVT (Special Vechicle Team) cars which involves the Cobra Mustang and Lightning Truck, they were underated slightly.

A NA 4.6L DOHC motor typically puts out around 290-300 at the wheel, at least the ones I've seen at our local dyno shop. So, that should be fine in a mild RF GT40 and offer good performance and drivability.

The Cobra Mustang engine I'm referring to as being underated is the one in the 2003 Cobras. It is a smaller but more advanced version of my truck motor as it is a supercharged 4.6L DOHC engine running 12lbs of boost. Rated at 390hp and about the same torque, it consistently on dynos lays down around 390-410 REAR wheel hp and about 430 REAR wheel torque figures stock. My truck motor is 5.4L and SOHC, 2 valve heads, with much longer stroke. Lots of torque but doesn't want much RPM. Still, the truck hauls ass and I've left many a sports car owner for dead at the lights, just don't ask me to turn much!
My friend had one of those 1999 Mustang Cobras, Ford offered to buy it back and he did. I think because of that Ford Stopped BSing about it's cars HP figures. IMHO, their "off the shelf" crate motors still suffer from the same BS factor, specially the 302/345HP. You may get a good one and you may not!
Intersting regarding the Lightening, The Dynoshop that did my car mentioned the 5.4L as constant performer when ever one was straped in.
I know a few people with '03 Cobra's and their dyno runs showed between 360 and 375 RWHP. I have never heard of a stocker with 390 rwhp, but with a K&N filter and a few other tweaks they get there real easy.

I have also seen one with a Kenne Bell supercharger that made nearly 600 RWHP.

They are pretty mean, but it's a rich man's sport. You start with a $30,000 Cobra then add about $8,000 in speed parts to get to 600 RWHP, then you will break your IRS if you are not careful and it's a good idea to invest in oil companies.

I wish I had the budget to try that.

Ron Earp

I've seen two put down 391 and 394 respectively, 04s, almost brand new (< 1000 miles) from the Ford place in Durham NC. Our local dyno shop indicates the local Ford contigent feels the 04s are stronger than 03s, for what reason I don't know but some cite software. Might be BS too.

The Lightnings are somewhat similar with the 04s seemingly stronger than 03s although no other changes are present. The 03s stock seem to do around 340-350 at the wheel, while I got 366 and another 04 got 362. Small differences really in the grand scheme of things but something seems different between the years although no offical specs state that. I've made a very simple change to mine that resulted in quite a bit more power, plots to come when tuned! This thing is turning out to be one great daily driver and tow truck.