favorite pit vehicle


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Saw this in the Watkins Glen Pits. Awesome!!! It got as much attention as some cars. The owner said it can go 15mph and can last more than one hour on a charge.


..."where's the drill? It was here just a minute ago. I just need to drill a hole for a rivet"

..."here it is... wait a moment, the battery's dead. What's going on?"

..."you did WHAT with my drill?"
Heads turn when this pit cart is pulling a car through the paddock, unhooking and then doing a wheelie back to the pit. Oh, and it's for sale.


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BIIIG fashion fail. White moccasins. What was I thinking?

Red socks? Don't go there...

Yes, an American Chevette. Little bit different in the body but much the same.

From that era, my favourite Chevette was a Jaguar V12 powered Vauxhall version.

Anyway, as far as pit vehicles are concerned, what I couldn't show you is that every body panel save the windscreen and 'A' pillars could be removed and thus I had a 550 hp pit 'Go Cart' and 'Go' it certainly did... :)

9.80 in Super Gas.