Front Tyre/Tire - Avon

Ron McCall

Your car does look great!!! If you need help "wearing your rear tires down" so you can get some 295s,let me know .
I'll be glad to show you how ..

Your car does look the business. The tyres look just right. Nice colour scheme too. Panel fit looks really good. Nice Job.
Thanks for all of your work with Avon.
Am seriously thinking of replacing my old Goodrich T/A's with these - but the current fronts (215 x 60x15) do rub slightly on full lock.
Could you (or anyone familiar with both these tyres) tell me if in "real world" measurements, ie. on the car, the new Avons are any bigger, particularly in height?
My (worn) fronts are 620mm when the car is on its wheels....

Many thanks.

Mark (GTD Mini)


Mathematically all 215 60 15 should be the same. But they are not. From what I have gathered, in the big scheme of things the 215 60 15 from Avon are a wide 215 60 15. My guess is that these tyres would also rub. You could reduce the turning circle of your car by limiting your rack movement. I have heard it is possible and simply done, but I do not know that secret.


No, at least not that I am aware of. To be honest I have not chased this one much recently. But Autosport is coming round again so hopefully can put some pressure on then.
Another item that Avon may wish to consider on future iterations of their tire is to use the large AVON hollow type on the sidewall - duplicating the look of their pure racing tires. This would also allow owners to use an 'AVON' racing stencil to highlight the name with white spray paint, as was done on period racing cars.

I'm not sure why they didn't do this in the first place, but it seems natural since most applications for these tires are on replica vintage racers.

The white letters would be a nice touch.Just bought the Avons 295 rear and 215 front.Would prefer a wider in front so the 235 looks to me like a very good choice.Emiel
Any news on the 235/55/15 from AVON. is it available now???
If so could someone post the real dimensions ??



Spoke with Avon today and simply put, a front tyre to match the rear 295 and 275 tyre has been put on the back burner for at least a year. Bummer. However I have been asked to conatct them late this year to see if that is still the case.

But if you are going to be at Classic Le Mans and if you see BMTR or the french agent for Avon, let them know we want a front tyre so that pressure is kept up and they know a market exists for it.

Brian Stewart
I know this thread is 18 months old, but anyone know if there has been any progress by Avon on the 235/55-15?
I know this thread has been dead for quite a while. Let's talk tires! I have an early CAV with 15" and I need to do something about my tires. The Goodyear GTII is the worst thing ever. I am sticking with the 15" because I love the look. What are my options as of today?
Avons (best but most expensive) or the Mickey Thompson S/T tires

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The fronts only work if you can use a 235. On a Superformance we use 205 for MK I and 225 for MK II.

The MT 205 fronts are 50 series which are a bit low and the 215s are 70 series which are a bit tall.

We use the MTs on Cobras and they work very well for the money. But if you really want the best go Avons.

Howard Jones

I have a GTD with 17 inch wheels. On the front I have 245-40-17. Their diameter is listed as 24.7 inches. and they fit without any body/chassis interference.

However I have tried to fit 245-45-17 with a listed diameter of 25.7 and they would not work. There was full lock interference with the forward inboard portion of the lower fuel tank enclosure in the wheel arch.

The 245-40-17 have about 5/16-3/8 inch clearance at this same point with the spring out of the shock and jacked through full travel and full lock.

I agree that 25 inches in diameter is about the practical maximum diameter limit at what would be a minimum ride height. Mine is 3 1/2 inches at the front.