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MY GTD GT40P (wide rear) is for sale! The car is registered and resides in California (2005) with Black 60s License plate under SB100 and is basically exempt from California’s stringent smog laws. This sale is a bit different than most GT40s!!! Although the car is complete, I am willing to remove items that the buyer is not interested in, and reduce the price accordingly. Crazy idea???? Well, it goes well with my reputation!!

8000 miles (3000 on the present engine)
$65000 (I will remove ANY or ALL the items below and the cost will be lowered accordingly!!)


Ford 347 Stroker (rated @450HP/450 ftlb), hand built balanced by BA Racing in Sonoma California. 10.5:1 Compression, Roller Solid Lifters (838-16) Custom Comp Cam and billet main support with .602 lift (Intake), .608 lift (Exhaust). Edelbrock Vic Junior Alum. Heads (2.05 intake, 1.60 Exhaust). 48 IDF Webbers with Pierce Manifold ported to match the heads (more detailed engine build sheet available). Custom carb heatshield/Turkey pan. GTD headers with Car Chemistry custom silencers, all Ceramic coated in and out. (If removed your cost will be lowered by $6000)


Ford Distributor Locked at 34 Degrees with MSD Retard Ignition system automatically Reducing timing to 4 Degrees prior to start of the engine (once 1200 RPM is reached timing is locked again). MSD 6AL with Rev. Limiter pill, currently setup for 5700 RPM.

Trans, adapter, Bellhousing and Tilton Starter:

2 to choose Un1-13 (Not in the car) and, Renault R25 both units are 5 speed with 3.45 and 3.89 final drives. GTD Flywheel, Centerforce Dual friction clutch, Tilton High Toque Starter and Aluminum adapter. (If removed your cost will be lowered by $2000)

Brakes & suspension:

BRAND NEW Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers All around, Front 1.75 inch pistons, rear 1.25” piston. 324mm Rotors (12.75) in front and 300mm (11.75) Rotors in rear. Ford Pantera Parking brakes (also Brand new) in package (Not installed). Rally Design Aluminum brake hats/Bells installed all corners. Electrical Vacuum boost/assist installed to eliminate the need for engine vacuum.
Adjustable Koni Shockes with 12” springs rated for 275lb in rear, QA1s with 10” spring rated for 300lb in front (If removed your cost will be lowered by $2000).

Wheels and Tires:

17” X 13 and 17” X 8 Compomotive wheels wrapped in Pilot Michelin SX (335 35 17 rears) and (235 45 17) in front. Compomotive Center piece or custom spinner, see photos. (If removed your cost will be lowered by $2000)


GTD Leather seats, carpeting, dash and gauges, Sony Stereo, evaporator and the AC system (Vintage Air Condenser). (If removed your cost will be lowered by $1500).


On board Halon fire system. Snap Off quick release st. wheel hub. Custom Aluminum Radiator (Runs at 175 degrees F even when ambian is 100 Degrees F). Oil cooler with electric Fan. SW. Fuel Pump with Summit Racing large fuel filter.

Those who have seen the car in person will tell you, “IT LOOKS AWESOME”. It is Black with Dark Silver strip. There is one thing I am not happy with! Ever since the second engine (I used to have Ford 302/345HPCrate motor) was installed, my Lotus/Renault Clutch has not been up to the task. Jump on it in 4th or 5th and it will slip. I did use a 6 paddle Ceramic clutch for 6 months and it was FANTASTIC ,,,but when in heavy traffic, it was no fun, so I went back to the original Centerforce DF. The power/torque in this engine is MUCH more than the brand new crate 302 I used to have.
I have ordered a Clutch and Pressure Plate combo from ClutchNet that WILL hold up to 450lb of torque (It will be yours if you want it, If NOT, I will reduce the price by $400). You can also use AP racing (CP2394-14) Pressure Plate if you choose to do so, it can be retrofitted. Both of above options are capable of holding the torque on this engine. As of right now the Clutch is smooth/easy to drive and engagement is excellent for everyday driving
If you need specific (CLOSE UP) photos or documentation please send a PM.


F. Faili


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Jim Craik

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Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!


I'm sorry to see that you are selling your car, it's a beauty. That's an interesting sales method, I hope you get what you want from it's sale.

We hope this does not lead to you leaving our form, I so enjoy your posts.
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Take off a few more parts and you will need to pay me to take it away!

I trust this sale will not prevent you from posting here and stirring things up! We need people like you to keep it interesting.......................

Jim Craik

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Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!


I really think that the two words CREATIVE & INDIVIDUAL perfectly describe our Sheik.
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

My Blessed brothers THANKS for the kind words, the ride is worthy ( I am not)
Also, a salute to the Crew of Enterprise, Captain James T Craik and First Officer Mr. S-Muck.:chug:
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

whaha, humor...
anyway's the car looks very good, good luck selling it, I hope it goes to a EU countrie, would make the EU a better place to life with :D
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

I know this car very well. If you are looking for a well done and sorted GT40 , this is for you! It is also priced at less than the cost of the parts !
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Would you throw in a year's worth of Camel Chow for a full price offer? Either way, you may not leave our coven of infedels.

Pete McCluskey.

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Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Nice car mate and an interesting sales method. What happened to your extremely handsome and good looking Avatar?
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Nice car mate and an interesting sales method. What happened to your extremely handsome and good looking Avatar?

I had to remove that Avatar, as it was my photo during younger "Handsomer" days. Did not want the buyer to be shocked when he sees my mug!

My present Avatar would hopefuly deter anyone from buying the car :lipsrsealed:
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Faili, you MUST NOT forsake the Forum, or the flease from a thousand camels will infest you.

However, best wishes with the sale.
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

The Axis of Evil - Unfortunately we have not seen much of him around NorCal in the last few years. I can attest that his car is really well done in beautiful black finish. The car presents really well with those big bulging rear fenders glistening in the sun. And I don't even like black cars.
Re: Gt40p, you choose the price!!

Mesa, Thanks for the vote,,,,Dalton, Thanks for the insult:stunned:

Both equally heart warming:laugh:
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