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did you ever say a 15 year old can/ should own a bazooka???? I don't think you did... It is another lie... Just like when jeff said that i said i would shoot someone for stealing my vcr..

Thats a fact, i'm just stating a fact

carry on

Jeff Young

GT40s Supporter

1. You told me I was a coward for not shooting a home intruder who stole my VCR. Pretty easy to see that means YOU would do so. He-man hero like.

2. Larry has spent several pages explaining how there can be no laws, ever, of any kind infringing on the right to own weapons. Ergo, bazookas for everyone.

You people are daft and don't understand basic facts. Others reading this do.
No actually you called your self a coward.. I never suggested that you shoot anyone.. You gave the perp what he wanted and let him go.. A gun would have detained him, but only if one is trained how to use it. Like the training in the military...

Again, you mentioned bazookas, not larry..

Larry, do you want everone to own a bazooka???

Carry on

Larry L.

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Is this court? No, it's an e-forum where someone -- you -- are spouting an insane interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that, literally, means bazookas for everyone.

You're ducking the questions, Counselor... which are:

So, tell me counselor...what WOULD the consequences be if you were to spew your usual name calling, insults, f-bombs and assorted expletives in court? 'Betcha you make darned sure to avoid doing that there, don'tcha.

How 'bout extending that same courtesy here?

so there is your answer.... I did not know that. Machine guns a leagal with the proper permit also.

Carry on

Whether it is legal to carry an RPG wasn't my question, Walt. My question was "should we be allowed to carry an RPG?" So you're OK with a person carrying an RPG down your street, since it's legal to carry one?
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