Happy Birthday.

Pete McCluskey.

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Our estimed moderator Keith the Baron Hardy has his birthday today or tomorrow, I get confused by time zones. Anyway Happy Birthday Keith have a good one.:thumbsup:
Happy Birthday Keith! Make sure you get your fill of birthday cake, its good for you!.
The more birthday cakes you get the longer you live!
Cheers, Gus.


Hi everyone! Many thanks for the birthday salutations both here, e all and Facebook (which I don't use incidentally, a,though I get notifications). I am typing this on a Android tablet (hate it, I want a new iPad!, from my hospital bed in Lymington on a very patchy Wi-Fi network which makes random connections. I'll be here for over 2 weeks and will try to find another session soon.

Also please spare a thought for David Morton who has also been in hospital and has undergone some significant procedures. I don't know whether you are logging in here David but if so, get well soon mate.

That's it for now but if there's going to be a war, can you please have it while I'm incarcerated? I Don't this k I could cope with the fallout at home. Thanks....

Randy V

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Oh my Keith... Sorry to hear of your illness! Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery!
Same holds true for our friend David!
We miss both of you here!!