Haynes GT40 workshop manual

Received my copy of the GT40 Haynes manual yesterday. Quick review, looks very good. Since I ordered the book back in June 2013, it's been a long wait.
ordered mine 6-14 via Amizon.com. Was due 9-12-14; recieved notice/up-date for arrival of 10-19 to 11-20-14. I am still waiting with "bait" on my breath! (but I'am running a little low on oxygen). Oh well, printed in UK, shipped to Georgia, then who knows where. Thank God Obama's administrations' not involved................

Randy V

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Bloody FINALLY!!!!
After ordering on 6/13 of this year, it was finally delivered to my doorstep.
I've only taken a moment to leaf through it but from what I see so far I am well pleased.. It is a hard-cover book and while maybe not illustrated to the degree that I would expect a $500 coffee table book to be, the illustrations are not too bad at all...
I will post more on this later after having had a chance to consume more of it...
Checking my Amazon account right now!!

Follow up...expected delivery....10/21!

At last....but I'm not even going to look at my mail until the Giants have have finished drubbing the Royals tonight!!

Go Giants!
Ron, I'm with you mate. Been a GIANTS fan since the days of Juan, Willie and Willie.

My copy of the manual is suppose to be sitting on my door step. Can't wait.

Wwwwwwoooooooahhhhhh!!!!!!! Just got word 5 minutes ago that mine has been shipped! Due here friday 24th (hopefully). It all started back in 2012 with a call to usa headquarters who said they could not confirm that it would be printed. It was also mentioned that the european office was handling the printing of this book.(most likely will have a "printed in china" on it). They actually called me back two days later and stated it was still on "hold" and most likely not going into print anytime soon. As time went on i ran out of bait for my breath! Then it was mentioned on this site that it was still alive and forthcoming. I guess i can now have a book reading party or................ Whatever, it's almost here at last.
China nope, printed in the good ole US of A.

And although its not a true workshop manual, there is some very nice snippets of important info hidden in there.
My brief review shows it to be a decent book (given its price) covering the history of the cars, its different components and development, etc. The book even goes into detail about the Replica market which I thought was cool. Gelscoe, Holman & Moody and SPF get good marks for orginality and being FIA approved for racing.

I'm happy with it....all we need now is Ronnie to finish his and we're set.
I've had a few minutes to look it over...not bad for the price.

As was said, hardly a shop manual, but an interesting read, and a few photos I hadn't seen before. It seemed to me that the writer(s) must have had quite a few discussions with the Gelsco group, as they were mentioned fairly prominantly.

I wasn't expecting a hard cover, which I consider a plus.

PS Good job Giants!!

Jimmy P...I don't go back that far. I moved to NorCal in the early 80's and began following them then. Grew up a ....ack, ack .. Dodgers fan. (Back in the days of Garvey, Cey, Fernando, Baker, Sax, etc. And, of course, Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully, who I think deserve to be mentioned on their own)
Started to read the book last night and have liked what they've done with it so far. As stated some interesting pics and a few names I'd not heard of before being involved in the cars development.

Ron, agreed Lasorda and Scully two revered names deservedly so. We took one on the chin last night though, but leaving KC 1 : 1 is :thumbsup:.

Randy V

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I'd be interested in a corroboration by Ronnie Spain on some of the book... I'm no expert, but I do like the book and it was a good value.
I've been reading the Haynes "manual". It's fun, but I don't see any mention of Robert Ash and FAV/Georgia in it. Maybe I just haven't gotten to it. There's a lot of material on Gelscoe, which is all well and good, but Bob Ash was restoring these cars for decades and perhaps even before they got started building anything. I hope he gets his due credit, and I hope I find it in there.

When I was completing my car Bob was very helpful. I could not get Gelscoe to even return a phone call.

Brian Stewart
Mine arrived today. On first glance through, looks good. Classic Car Developments missing from list of replica makers though...

Dave Hood

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Mine just arrived. Some interesting reading and nice photos. Certainly not a "workshop manual," but I don't think any of us expected that.
Haynes were famous for their Workshop manuals for the DIY enthusiast to work at their Mini, Austin-Healey, etc but nowadays with so much electronics in modern cars Haynes have diversified into novelty (if that's the correct) manuals for Starship Enterprise, Supermarine Spitfire, Lotus 72 Grand Prix car, Ferrari 250GTO etc.

All good reads with interesting photos, cutaway drawings and stories but not to be considered as Manuals like the older publications.

I've enjoyed mine and consider it good value for money
yes, I have the novelty version of the Red Bull RB7 manual. I haven't read it over to cover but have looked at a few of the pages and all the pictures.

regards Ryan