Ian Anderson

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I'd hazard a guess it's a "Towing eye" for either the front or rear of the car.

And by looking at the fixing bolt - probably the rear



What size is it? I don't recall anything like that on mine. Ian's "towing eye" makes as much sense as anything else. My car didn't come with one.
This sounds a little out there but I have seen some hangers for steering columns that look similar to that, although they had a clamping setup on the big loop.
Just a thought.


Ellis, I had a look under the dash of my CAV and nothing like your ring is under there or on the steering column. My bet is a towing eye but as suggested earlier you many want to contact Johann or Jean at the factory.

Ellis Hubbard

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Thanks All,

It must not be needed if all the BRAIN power here doesn't have a clue. I'll put it in the big box of unused GT40 parts that I've collected over the years and who knows I may be able to build another car some day.

Thanks, Ellis

I liked the bottle opener idea but that doesn;t work either.