Images on GT40's

Randy V

As many are sadly aware, one of the largest hosts of images (Photobucket) has now declared a $400 per year, per account image hosting fee in order to embed links to your images within forums and blogs.
There are alternatives and I won't get into which one is best etc. as I have not had the time or energy to research them.
We can't really do anything here on to change what has already been done - but we can prevent it from happening in the future.
Please consider resizing your images and uploading them here to our server along with your posts.
It may seem clunky at first, but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. The only gotcha is that the images will all appear at the bottom of your post rather than being embedded within the text.
You upload images from the Advanced post tab and from there click on Manage Attachments.
It's such a shame, I've hated photobucket since day one and this was unfortunately always an option by mainly relying on third party hosting.

Sadly I think this is the end of my build thread on here and I'll just continue on my parallel thread on piston heads (hosted by PH), far too much work to try and reassemble this one, and to simply add to it I think will lose context without the pictures...


Ron Earp

Staff member
It will keep happening people, that is, paying to play. FB isn't an option either as its links will last about 2 months before being broken. Upload them here. It's a bit of a pain but works.

Ron Earp

Staff member
Hi Folks,

I've had a number of PMs on the matter of the Photobucket images being broken. Some have suggested writing a script to help repair the images after each user re-hosts the images elsewhere, but there are so many variables in that procedure that we're not going down that road. The program would need constant changing.

It sucks the pictures are broken on many build threads but it's the danger of hosting images on third party sites. As mentioned you can host them on for free by simply uploading them.

We are looking into changing the forum so that people can edit their posts and fix the images if they want. Thus far I haven't had a request for that. Anyone interested in fixing their build threads by editing their posts and linking each broken picture to somewhere else? Mind you, this is a completely manual procedure that is all on you to do. Here at we'd just be changing the permissions to allow you to edit posts.

I would like to fix my build thread Ron. Happy to manually do it my self. I get a lot out of this forum, but to do that you have to put in as well. I realise this and am happy to contribute.

I originally had the images on Dropbox as I thought this would be better for the forum and reduce the hosting load. This decision has cost me twice now. As I moved from Dropbox across to photobucket a few months back.
Regards Ryan
what's the general advice in using which site to upload pictures.

or is there a possibility to upload it directly from my computer?

Ron Earp

Staff member
Who wants to do a complete tutorial on adding pictures to the site so we can make it a sticky? I swear we've done this before.......