Jap Magna Wheels

I have a set of Jap Magna wheels 15"x8" and 16"x10"s I'm trying, without much luck, to fine their history, they are made in England and I believe they are of the 70's era. Anyone know anything about the company and who used them...??




I have a set of 13" (8's and 10's) Jap Magna's and likewise I know nothing of their history. A mystery wheel.....
A mystery wheel.....

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Not too much of a mystery. JAP stants for J A Pearce Engineering from Southall, Middlesex, who had a couple of F1 entries in the mid-1960s. The Magna wheel was designed to withstand harder knocks than your average magnesium wheel, and many seem to have survived without the usual magnesium rash. They made them splined for Jags, MGs etc, as well as bolt on. They are very sought after by Mini Cooper owners, though I doubt whether the 16" x 10" would fit... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, I thought they were aluminium, how can I tell if they are magnesium, without setting light to them...??



David Morton

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Absolutely. They always have to be 'sealed' and in days gone by they were dipped, nowadays 2 pack paint and any scratches through the paint has to be treated immediately.
I asked the question of Hugh Absolem and in his own inimitable style "Oh F--k Yes".


Wasn't it the internal failure of a mag wheel that hadn't been sealed properly and that over time broke down internally, that led to the destruction of the one and only XJ13?


Fantastic video, thanks Dave. That's one lucky survivor. The XJ13 certainly sounded the biz and as there are some replicas in build I wonder if it will be too long before we see a XJ13/GT40 track battle albeit 35 years late! (Theoretically though the XJ was designed when GT40 no longer competitive, but it actually looks more basic than the '40) Sorry for the thread "meander" chaps, but it is a stark reminder what happens "When Mag Wheels Go Wrong" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Edit. Presumably Magnaflux will detect structural problems?
Then you can't do magnetic particle inspection (Magnaflux) on magnesium wheels.

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The equivalent process for mag wheels and uprights is called "Zyglo". It uses a fluorescent penetrant dye that glows under black light to find cracks. Shops that are certified to repair airplanes might have the equipment to do it.