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An American and a Russian are arguing about which country has more freedom. The American says, “I can walk right up to the White House and shout 'Down with Donald Trump!' and nothing bad will happen to me.” The Russian replies, “Guess what? I can walk in front of Kremlin and shout 'Down with Donald Trump!' and nothing will happen to me either.”
Let's not forget the Dodge Tomahawk. Viper V10.


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This was EJ POTTERS ( the Michigan Madman) fuel injected sbc, direct drive motorcycle. He was a local guy and one of my buddies went to school with him. With no clutch, he rocked of the kickstand to launch.

I watched him run that thing many times... It was always a thrill to see him rev that thing to 6,000? RPM and then kick it off of it’s center stand. Smoke curling all the way up his back and over the top of his “brain bucket” (his term at the time)...
Every mother at the track would have her hands full trying to convince Junior, that it wasn’t a good idea to drop out of the 6th grade to ride motorcycles on the racing circuits.... LOL ...
Home school ?
or -- demonstrating an initiative that WE haven't thought of yet ? :) ??
Or possibly, the photographer told him how to pose, not caring about what the person was actually doing. Lots of photos of businesses in businesses that show two people interacting, with one person pointing at something for the other person to look at, are posed and have nothing to do with reality (we used to laugh at the published photos of a business I used to work for because frequently, the two people in the photo wouldn't normally be talking with each other).