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Money saving tips.

Why not tape popcorn to the ceiling, It's much cheaper than a smoke alarm. Tastes better as well.

Recycle old buttons. Velcro is just a rip-off.

Oh and in late news,
A shop worker fought off an armed robber by attacking him with a labelling gun.
Police are looking for a man with a price on his head.

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A female reporter from the big city was interviewing a dairy farmer about the effects government policies were having on this and that when she noticed a cow near her had no horns...and she wondered she asked the farmer.

He told her there were several reasons why some cows have horns and some do not...reasons running from their specific breeds, to the fact some cow's horns were 'painlessly' cut off, to calves having acid applied to the places from which their horns ought to grow thereby preventing that from happening...and so on.

He finished by saying; "The reason the particular cow next to you doesn't have horns is because he's a horse."

Larry L.

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A tourist asks an Irishman: "Why do Scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats?"

To which the Irishman replies: "If they fell forwards, they'd still be in the bloody boat."