Jokes anyone? -

Since this is a “joke” topic…

An reminder/explanation of sorts:

Jokes are words, etc , that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. They are made to elicit a response,
hopefully a Humorous one! Hopefully, they result in laughing .

But in today’s world, it seems more and more, that many people can’t “take a joke”.
So, the result is that there’s less joking around going on and many people don’t/won’t/ can’t participate…
( I believe this is due to the extremely polarized/political/ PC nature of Our World these days…)

I think that joking is “undervalued” and I miss the days when there seemed to be more of it.
This topic ( “Jokes anyone- “ ) is a great antidote!

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back to the Jokes !
davidmac said:
RayTDMI said:
“Now I understand why Russell Brand has 8.5 million followers on utube and the USA has had Trump and Biden as presidents”

I removed my “like” of this post, after reading it more closely.

Instead, I tried to write a clever joke involving all 3 people , but the
Best I Can do is come up with a title.
How about

The Comedian, the President, and the Resident

Ok course the problem with most political jokes is they end up getting elected. :p If it helps in being allowed I was many years ago one of those jokes, albeit a very minor local one. ;)

Larry L.

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I about busted a gut on this one.
A church had this posted on its outdoor reader board:

"Honk if you love Jesus."
"Text while driving if you want to meet Him."

A 'truism', that!