Kaspa's scratch build GT40

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Gotcha... Okay guys, I was just curious is all... Glad that the paint is well adhered to the metal or would be a problem in overcoating it.. Soldier on!:thumbsup:
Hi John, just to add a bit to the "blue coated tube " discussion. The original Tilke engineering chassis we are completeing was blue coated , we have just preped it all for paint . The blue paint is just to stop it rusting and does not adhere that well . It chips off easily. Because our chassis was already panelled up and painted the task of total strip down sand blast and repaint was another Mount Everest to add to the list. Strip it off or sand blast then powder coat or etch prime,two pack primer then top coat.We will just have to be vigilant as we work around the tube on our chassis and probably a few touch ups. This one coming together QUICK!! It might have taken you 50 years to make a start but you tearing it up!!! Keep it up. Cheers Conrad.
Hi Phil thanks for that mate, i didnt realise you blokes up there had such a problem with wandering live stock, not sure what i'd rather hit a roo or a deer.
anyway big day today, i put the chassis back in the jig a few days ago so i could get the jig all sorted to fit, then removed it again today , which took some doing, it just did not want to move, the rear was loose but the front, anyway after prying it with bars, and a few choice words, there was a terrible crack and up and out she came, and low and behold when i added some frames to the jig i inadvertently welded one to the chassis as well DUH,
so once out i got the body down from upstairs and sat it on for a trial fit, and bugger me days, it fits like it was made for it.

one very happy chappy, let the games begin

cheers Kaspa
Looks good John, Are you going to make your own bodies as well? Looking forward to watching the progress, looks like it will happen quite quickly.

Cheers Leon.
Hi mate yeh we own our own set of moulds and have contracted a mob in Melbourne to knock them out for us, very happy with the finshed product.
has the tranny arrived yet.

cheers John

Charlie Farley

Another one here looking forward to this build, we all know how talented you are..
What's the plans for engine & trans ?
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Charlie, talented nah, i think you mean a sucker for punishment, i some times wonder how i get roped in to some of these projects.

engines and trans vary across the group , some are going Ford, ones talking V12
me i'm going to commit the mortal sin and fit an LS1 or LS3 up to an 016 in it, there cheap reliable plenty of go fast bits for down the track and light.

cheers John
Ron, dodgy thread alert here, he said "Chebby going in" whilst referencing a GT40. This thread needs dipping in wax and lighting.....
Truthfully, I think it would be a great combo however it does go against the grain of the GT40 (in my opinion).
Looking forward to watching another quality build.
Cheers, Gus.
Gus I'm a dead set true blue oval fan from way back , but for a daily on a budget the LS is a no brainer. i've already told the boy he has to paint the block blue.

Hi Guys

Be kind to us here in oz. In New South Wales when I built my car I had to comply with very stiff emmision rules. The way to get past them is to have a current engine. All the engine options I had were huge heavy double overhead cam things that required cutting the beautiful GT40 body. That to me was unexceptable.
The LS1 goes in with no body mods is far lighter than any of the other options and as Kaspa mentioned cheap reliable plenty of go fast bits. It sits below the rear window so i can see out the rear of the car when reversing etc.
Bigest down side is the ugly valve covers but I moved the coils out of sight and am currently making some old school looking covers to go over the origionals.
I am a car person not a single brand person so as the say I made my bed and now I am sleeping in it (very comfortable I might add)
Does upset some people but each to ther own.
Hope I havent offended anyone, do not wish to just asking for understanding.

I'm a true GM man and I absolutely love the GT40 so If I build one (on the bucket list) I'd be at real cross roads deciding an engine. But bang for buck those LS engines are hard to beat. The advantage for us Kiwis is we don't have the rules they have in Aussie so we can go with the old school SBF and as I'm a K.I.S kind of guy I would probably go with a SBF and I know thats a real issue in Aus.

John tranny is here !! Dim the lights and away we go!

Cheers Leon
well another chassis done and dusted only 4 more to go and i can build my own.
and two more have to be done by the end of the month so the 4 of them can go down south on the same truck

also as a point of interest, i put a completed chassis with all suspension pick ups fitted but no sheeting, on the scales, a very anorexic 88.7 kg or for our USA friends, 196lbs, gota be happy with that.

cheers john ,
I see the evolution is already in play, rhs vs pipe roll over, the latter looks well done I might add (not saying rhs is not also well done).
Was it personal preference of the customer/builder, or perhaps rigidity/strengh as the driver behind the change?
Cheers, Gus.
The roll over pipe hoop is much nicer than the shs angle hoop. I really hate it in my RF, I remember thinking about cutting it out and doing what Kaspa has done.

Keep up the good work Mate.
The tube roll hope i did for a couple of reasons, it looks so much better, it was a shit load easier to make, and its CAMS approved roll bar tubing, it took about an hr to bend the first one against all day to do the SHS one..

cheers John
The tube roll hope i did for a couple of reasons, it looks so much better, it was a shit load easier to make, and its CAMS approved roll bar tubing, it took about an hr to bend the first one against all day to do the SHS one..
Win win win.....I agree the chassis looks so much better and safer.
Thanks Dave yeh its so much better in every way, if i get time i think i will cut the shs one off and do that in tube as well, going in to get my knee redone on the 15th of next month and i still have one more chassis to do before hand, so time might be against me, see how i go.
cheers Kaspa
Your a real trooper knocking out those chassis, I suppose having a jig helps a lot as you can be a lot more focused on your direction. Good luck with the knee.