Kaspa's scratch build GT40

Hey John,

Good Luck with the Knee opp. Are you doing all 10 chassis or are some of the Melbourne guys doing there own.

Matt, this sequential shift , is it externally mounted and operates on the existing shifter or does it work directly on the shift forks? Could it work on a rod shift such as most manual trans axles have?

Cheers Leon.
Nah mate its only good for externally linkaged boxes like toploader, Muncie, Jerico etc. Here's my vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny-W8QxOQhE
Hi John, dropped in today. Wasn't planned but my little girls daycare is just around the corner so chanced it. Saw 2 chassis from a distance. One had my name scribbled on the front!!!! Lol
Good luck with the Op and now I know where u are I'll drop by again when I'm coming past. Might even bring the Daytona for a spin! Cheers matt
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Hi Guys yeah the knee opp went well, and 7 days out and my heads just starting to clear from all the Endone, great stuff but boy dose it play games with the noggin.
bored out of my tree, as i'm not allowed to drive as yet so cant get up to the shed.
but at least its given me time to redesign the front suspension so we get a half decent turning circle, so soon as i'm able i will cut off the existing front suspension bkts and make up some new ones to go in the revised position on the 3 chassis i have and then they can get picked up.
cheers Kaspa
Great to hear your on top of things, now for the easy question, That Audi gearbox that I am using, I think you said that rod out was 1st 3rd and 5th, it kind of feels that way without being able to turn it over at the moment.
Spent about 5 plus hours making up a throttle pull arrangement to pull 4 carbs from a single pull.....and it did not work, ended up looking at it for another couple of hours and came up with a really simple and effective solution involving less than an hours work, I will take some pics later.


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well its been a while since I posted what with recuperating from the knee op etc then getting the 4 chassis all done and dusted and they finally left here on Monday off down south to there new owners,
so what have been doing well most of the bits and bobs arrived for my engine, and the Mast heads finally arrived yesterday, after an agonising 4 moth wait but man was it worth it they are a work of art, they are the LS3 head that fits the smaller bore LS1.
so I sat them on the short block the sat the injection system on and had to take a pic to show off, just because I can,lol

so basicly what I have is an LS1 with a 4"stroker crank which gives me 383 CID, J&E forged pistons, Carrillo rods, Kelford solid lifter cam and a few other little goodies , and balanced to within an inch of its life, hoping for around the 600 odd hp.

the only disappointing factor is this engine wont be going in the 40, it will be going in the back of another Steinard F5000, should get my attention.lol

cheers Kaspa
Hi Mate,

That will look just as cool in the 5000 as it would a GT40 no worries there buddy.
When are you going to start the chassis? I have some Brand new Wilwood calipers a nice chap I know lent me to see if they would be of use, I could fit them to some Rear uprights and they might be the dead right thing for your new toy.

Looking forward to another great build. Now I just need to get the bits finished for the nice chap I know so I can get on with my car or another one will be finished before me.

Cheers Leon
Hey mate I thought you'd gone north already, wilwood callipers mounted to some uprites sounds nice.

cheers Kaspa
Thinking maybe i should start a new thread as there has been a change of plan, i will still be building the 40 for my son but this engine will be going in the back of another Steinard 5000, ive got a body and a chassis and most of the bits and bobs so i thought why should every one else have all the fun, so this ones for me, so with that set in concrete i started to build some headers for it, i originally was going to go a 180 deg system but the primaries would have been to long for my cam timing so its conventional 4 into 1, but then i will merge the tail pipes into a cross over immediately after the collectors then run two 3" megaphones.
so what i have is ist stage primaries at 1-3/4 for 13" then 2nd stage at 1-7/8" for 13 " to a 3" collector to be followed by a 3" cross over merge collector.
so this is as far as ive got, rh bank all tacked up and left hand bank short i cyl as i run out of bends.

left hand side

hopefully they will do the trick
cheers Kaspa

Randy V

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That looks like quite the exercise John!
You'll be welding a while on that set.
your were right there Randy, but i cheated, instead of sitting on me bum for hrs tediously tig welding them up, i got a roll of 0.6mm wire did a few test runs to set the welder up then Migged them together, so much easier, almost zero burn through, and took less than an hr. so i gave them a quick flick with a flap disc and a few coats of VHT, came up allright even if i do say so myself.

I'm stiil waiting for two more bends to finish the left hand bank, so i fitted up the cross over merge collector this arvo, it is still to have two V band clamps fitted to connect to the headers for ease of removal, but you get the idea.

so there you have it , the poor mans tuned length 180deg exhaust system, just the two megaphone mufflers to go and its done.

cheers kaspa
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That's not really going to function as a true cross over X- box John, its more like an H-pipe on a twin system, might as well save some more $$ and chop it in line with the '2' of 250 on your welder in bottom pic and use just one big muffler and one tailpipe.
Hi Jac not sure i understand that, if you look up say the left hand out let its directly inline with the right hand inlet and visa versa, but seeing ive come this far i'll give it a go and see what it sounds like, then as you say i still have options to change it.

Fitted up the flywheel and clutch assy, no plates as yet as i'm still unsure of what input spline Leon will use,

and then fitted up the bell housing so now i can get some accurate measurements.

so thats it for now untill some more bits arrive.

cheers Kaspa