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What's the min mounting depth? We're limited to about 2.75" on the SLC
Hi Del,

Are you asking about the single screen system (100 series) or dual screen system (200 series)?

The standard screens are about 1.5" - 2.0" in depth (including cable clearance) so that should fit your main dash area.

I'm also able to order custom sized screens if needed.

I'm not sure about the dimensions with cables for the new 200 series Double-DIN. I'll be receiving them within the next couple of weeks, but
if I get some specs from the manufacturer I'll post them sooner.
Nice! Also have a stand alone screen, right? So can make like a floating screen/ipad style.
That's correct. Requirements for the screen are essentially:

- 12VDC power
- HDMI or DVI video connection
- 800 to 1000 NITS (or reasonable brightness for sunlight)

If you have a screen that works with my system we can certainly use it, or
custom order one to fit your application.


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Has anyone installed one of these units? I’m thinking about using something like this in the center console.
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