Left hand drive with left hand gear change is this possible?

You can do what you want if you have the right tools! The Bowden cable setup gives flexibility to place the gear lever where you wish. Routing the cables is then up to you. Cable allows flexibility. The Tornado setup uses a solid rod linkage and would have to run down the left hand side of the car, and into the left hand side of the gearbox. It would be completely symmetrical to the standard rhd, rh gear change layout. Not as flexible as cable though.
By the way, if you plan on selling it in the future, perhaps you should consider what a potential buyer would look for in the first place. Lhd with lh gear change would work for you, but it may not suit a potential buyer looking to knock the price down.

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How does the center shift feel? The reason I ask is that I have driven mid engined cars with center shift and they didn't feel very precise. From what I remember they used solid shift rods which required a number of universal joints. This probably contributed to the sloppy feeling.
Paul, the cables are very smooth and thats what takes getting used to. They tend to be so smooth that you tend to recheck your self until you become used to the feel. After I used it for a couple hundred miles it now seems second nature to me. When I allow another to driver the car they do comment about the shifter feeling different. But as they get more laps in, it starts to feel more comfortable.

Don't really like the idea of a right hand drive car as it would effect resale badly. Also I don't like central gearchange on mid engined cars due to the convoluted path the linkage has to take.
I can honestly tell you that a center mounted console cable shifter is easy to
install and it is nowhere near convoluted.
The cables enter near the bottom of the engine then sweep right through a bracket then to the trans. There ain't a lot to it and it would be hard to mess it up.
You can put the gear change between your legs if that's where you want it. That's
whats nice about the cables, they are flexible.