M20 Dreaming

Yes it is an iron 4 bolt Block, ARP studs top/bottom, 6 stage Auto-Verdi Dry sump pump, McLaren Structural dry sump pan, (well worked) ZL1 alloy heads, Forged 4.25" steel crank, Crower rods, Forged pistons 12.5:1, Howards Roller Cam, Crane roller lifters/rockers with a stud girdle, I'm running a Mallory Sprint Mag II. Will be 510 cube, should be an easy 750/800hp according to the engine builder. I think that will be more than enough!!

Cheers Leon
We had a stock car fall out of a tree at our local race track. Just outside of turn three there is a river and trees growing from down in the banks and a stock car made it to the top of the trees.
Had similar here with a Jet Boat, guy rang me one sunday askin if I knew any farmers in area with big tractor, needed a tow, curiosity got better of me & I had to go have a look.... engine had cut out @~70mph and boat ran into some big willow trees, was about 12/15 ft up in air stuck in the tree, did not fall out, had to cut the tree down!:)
Hi Rod, slow and steady, hoping to get a couple of weeks on it now before I'm back to work will post progress when I have something to show.
Cheers Leon
Hey guys, the progress on the car has got to a point that I no longer need my big workshop as it's just assembly and small items so moving it back to my garage at home. I have sold my big Lathe and going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff I won't have room to store which will include the body molds and all the patterns I have for uprights, wheels and bell housing. If anyone is interested in this stuff PM me. Cheers Leon
Hi Leon
To day I had a big read at you entire thread !!! and was reading on the last pages that you had some issues in releasing molds from the plug ( same issues for Chris Aka mister noo)
it's too late now I know and congratulation with the work you did to recover your molds !!
I should give some explanations so others builders will may be learn from this ....
So the problem you had is only because of the coat panit you used onto the buck ; There are no automotive or watever paint you find that are able to not bond onto the gelcoat mold .
In fact even doing 7/8/9 hands or wax ( leaving each coat to cure) the wax protect against "total" bonding but do not do a sufficient screen to the substate when gelcoat plug and first lay is curing , during this curing time some temp and by the way some ethylene vapor evaporate into ( and not out to) the paint and specially into all the "blog" or surfacer yo used to do forms
Result is ; as the mold tend to be some mil smaller and with that sort of melting underneath the mold tend to "suck" and sticks to 3 to 4mm onto the plug
The only way to prevent this issue is absolutly to use 2 coats of Durabuilt ; one first coat very thick that you can sand to 200 grit and another last one
very diluated that you must sand until 600 gritand medium polish if you do not want abright mold or better until 1200 and hight grade polish if you want to get gel colred part ( no use in your case )
Time to spray the durabuilt stuff plus sanding it is far more quicker than braking in small parts a buck and then sanding into molds ....
Apologise to have been so long but this may be will help others reading your excellent build thread
And apologise to have been in late for this .... watching the monthes you had those issues I was into a big big Durabuilt work too and laminating My Lancia Molds !!!!
Keep us posted with some news please
Thanks for reading
Hello guys a bit of an up date, I got stuck in Australia for 3-1/2 months because of COVID Before that I as working on getting this Car done this year. I pulled a second Body from my molds, this one I laid up myself and it released from the molds easily. Sine I have been home I Have hade the engine to the Dyno and Ran it up, 700hp @ 7000 rpm. I'm quite happy with that and the engine guy says it's a safe Tune, we could lean it a bit and put some more timing in it but 700hp should spin the wheels is what we decided. I'm now getting it in the car and getting it ready to sit on it's wheels off the table for the last time. I tried to put up a video of the engine running but been so long I have forgotten how or its just not playing the game. Will try again another day. Cheers Leon
Body work looks good Leon. Glad to see you are still chipping away at it. Bugger getting stuck here for that long, but there's probably worst places to be stuck.
Regards, Udo.