M20 Dreaming

Yes it is an iron 4 bolt Block, ARP studs top/bottom, 6 stage Auto-Verdi Dry sump pump, McLaren Structural dry sump pan, (well worked) ZL1 alloy heads, Forged 4.25" steel crank, Crower rods, Forged pistons 12.5:1, Howards Roller Cam, Crane roller lifters/rockers with a stud girdle, I'm running a Mallory Sprint Mag II. Will be 510 cube, should be an easy 750/800hp according to the engine builder. I think that will be more than enough!!

Cheers Leon

Rod Brace

GT40s Supporter
We had a stock car fall out of a tree at our local race track. Just outside of turn three there is a river and trees growing from down in the banks and a stock car made it to the top of the trees.
Had similar here with a Jet Boat, guy rang me one sunday askin if I knew any farmers in area with big tractor, needed a tow, curiosity got better of me & I had to go have a look.... engine had cut out @~70mph and boat ran into some big willow trees, was about 12/15 ft up in air stuck in the tree, did not fall out, had to cut the tree down!:)
Hi Rod, slow and steady, hoping to get a couple of weeks on it now before I'm back to work will post progress when I have something to show.
Cheers Leon
Hey guys, the progress on the car has got to a point that I no longer need my big workshop as it's just assembly and small items so moving it back to my garage at home. I have sold my big Lathe and going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff I won't have room to store which will include the body molds and all the patterns I have for uprights, wheels and bell housing. If anyone is interested in this stuff PM me. Cheers Leon