M20 Dreaming

This is a link to see my engine on its early Dyno run,
. This was just a warm up run I was too scared to stand in the room while it was pulling 7000+ rpm, there is a lot of steel going very fast if it lets go but it sounds great at at 7000rpm and it didn't let go. Got another photo will send soon. Cheers Leon
Fitting of the body has started, I have some fettling to do on the rear clip to Clear my exhaust system which I knew was going to be an issue but I'll sort that. Making the mounts at the front and on the rear is the bigger job but I know what I want there so no big deal, a couple of Photos to start and will do some of the mounts soon. Cheers Leon


Thanks guys, Yeah even my wife has started to see a real car forming now so it will be getting painted in October and final assembly shortly there after (that's the plan anyway)

Cheers Leon.