M20 Dreaming

This is a link to see my engine on its early Dyno run,
. This was just a warm up run I was too scared to stand in the room while it was pulling 7000+ rpm, there is a lot of steel going very fast if it lets go but it sounds great at at 7000rpm and it didn't let go. Got another photo will send soon. Cheers Leon
Fitting of the body has started, I have some fettling to do on the rear clip to Clear my exhaust system which I knew was going to be an issue but I'll sort that. Making the mounts at the front and on the rear is the bigger job but I know what I want there so no big deal, a couple of Photos to start and will do some of the mounts soon. Cheers Leon


Thanks guys, Yeah even my wife has started to see a real car forming now so it will be getting painted in October and final assembly shortly there after (that's the plan anyway)

Cheers Leon.
I'm in full body prep mode now as I will be painting it at the end of the month. I have had to make some mods to the rear deck to clear the exhaust system. You will see in the attached photos the opening will be covered with an expanded mesh and I have molded in some brake duct intakes. Also I have opened up the rear panel vents. I am also making a mold to make the windscreen to be like the original. also working through the last Fab and Mechanical jobs, I can clearly see the light at the end of what will be almost 12yrs work. Cheers Leon


Gonna look great when she’s all done.. Have you got any detail shots of the the front and rear clip supports. Time to devise a plan for my one.
Leon ; when looking some long monthes ago at your first pics of the buck being built with wood panels I really never suppose you will achieve such
nice quality body !!!
ABSOLUTE congratulation from a retired "Carbon composite fabricator" !!!!
You did avery very good work on all this process ( and so quick ...) added to your gearbox fabrication your car is really an sucessfull project
Keep the good work ...mon ami ;)
The weekend was busy but I got the body painted we had a hell of a time with pin holes in the gelcoat but managed to get there after 4 weekends of filling and sanding. Attached are some photos, I'm really pleased with the colour match, the stuff on the tub is a wrap not painted and I got the paint shop to match from a sample I gave them. Just the black to do now and some decals.

Cheers Leron


Looking fantastic Leon, you must be proud. Can't wait until all this China virus bullshit is over, so I can come around again and see it in the flesh. ( and have another one of those pies. )
I am also doing glass work on my body. Thought I was finished, but the original wheel arches looked shit house, so I've modified all four corners.
Keep the pictures coming.
Regards Udo.
Progress is steady now the front clip is mounted and the door latches are work in progress, the rear hinge mount is almost done. The body gap's are …..well like an old racing car and that's how they will stay, I have looked at 2 M8Fs that are here in NZ and my body gaps are just fine!! LOL. Still need to do the black below the body line but the weather isn't cooperating but will be done soon. Hope to have the roll bar done this week, some more photos attached. Cheers Leon


The paint shop called it "Sun burst" they just matched it to the wrap that I got from a local sign shop. I pretty much took a photo I had to the sign guy and we found the closest thing they had. Its a 2 pack enamel by "Autothane"

Cheers Leon
The rear clip is 30kg the front is 28kg and the doors are 5kg, Total 68kg with out wings. I would estimate the wings are maybe another 20kg.

Cheers Leon

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Thanks Leon. I felt mine was pretty heavy at 95kg, but I could stand on top of mine just about anywhere without any damage. Not great for a racecar, but it should last a long time.
Been working on the car a fare amount of time the last few weeks hoping to run the engine up in the car very soon. Finished the body mounts got some mirrors and tail lights fitted. Really just the roll bar and wind screen to do. the bar is bent up just needs to be mounted, Brakes are bleed need to make the mount for the throttle cable on the valve cover and some other odds and ends and this story will be done. Some photos to show for the last few weeks of work. Cheers Leon.