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Slowly now that I have gone back to full time work. I'm about 3/4 of the way through making the body molds, hope to get more done this weekend but other things have taken preference (Trans-Axle) hoping to get it back to Australia next week.

Rod I have a favour to ask so I will PM you.
Hey Guys,
I'm progressing slowly (no time or money) Finishing the body molds is the focus as I need to have 2 bodies out hopefully by the end of this month or very soon after as I am supplying the body for Andrews #73 M20 as well as my own body. Hope to have photo's soon.

Cheers Leon.
Hi Rod yes we have the first body almost out, The rear clip is out and looking really good, the time spent getting the finish was well worth it. The doors and front clip are laid up and should be demolded in a couple of days, I will post some photos when I have the complete set in the workshop. Send me your address as I have those axles for you. Cheers Leon
Well we have photos of the first body from the mold, Andrew picked it up today so should see it on his build soon but here it is sitting on my car. cheers leon


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'NASTY looking! Six thumbs up!

'Especially like this shot of it:

...but, this is no 'slouch' either:

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A long time coming but worth it in the end. I'm happy with the shape and believe it is real close to the real thing and with a block rub and paint very straight which is hard to get on big flat surfaces such as this car has. The man who laid up the body said he was impressed with the finish on the molds. I will have my body in the new year and hopefully will be able to get this thing done, it will be 10yrs in March!!

Cheers Leon
Leon, considering the dramas previous when I last called, that result must be very pleasing. Well done and a credit.
I now have the body back in my workshop, nothing serious I'm going to prepare it for paint, A little miscommunication, I said it would be finished in 2 pac primer and Andrew asked me to do it in black gel-coat so I took that as meaning just that. He is too busy to prep it so I'm going to finish it in 2 pac as I said I wood originally, it will be good as i can block it back and see just how nice a finish it will have. I'm also going to make and fit the door latches now instead of supplying them to be fitted later. And I might get a chance to do the windscreen on this body if not it will be done on My body in a couple of months Andrew is going to check with MotorsportNZ on the specs for the screen.

Cheers Leon
Andrew came and picked up the body again a week ago and I'm sure he is happy with the end product now. on closer inspection the gelcoat was not a great finish and I have talked with my Glass man as to what we can do to improve it for my body so hoping not to have as much work to prep it for paint. I was also able to get the windscreen done on Andrews body as well so I'm pleased with that.
I have now gone back to the oilfield so working a 2 on 2 off roster and better money should speed up the finishing on my car, so I hope to have some positive up dates in the coming months. Cheers Leon
A little progress, finally finished my headers today. The engine will be next inline to get it assembled and run up on the dyno before it gets put in the car. I have all the parts so going to get the short block done by a notable race engine builder and I will do the top end. I have some photos of the headers and the dry sump as it will be run on the dyno