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Yeah Rod, that is what I did, stripped the generator out and just have the points as a trigger very simple and still looks the part.
I have a video but having trouble loading it. I have done it before but can't for the life of me remember how I did it, I know I put it on YouTube then attached the link so I'll try to get it on here. I have now had it running again and bought it up to temp and had a good check for fluid leaks. Just has a small oil leak but pretty sure its the valve cover needs more tightening
Good deal! Can't wait to see video of you enjoying it!
Well the day has come and gone for the M20s first track test day, It was very successful for the most part in general everything I had concerns about worked, it steered straight, stopped straight no shaking or funny vibrations felt really stable and went where I pointed it and as I went out on old cold slicks on a cold day it was gently gently and after a couple of laps I felt confident it was going well. As for the now infamous TransAxle it worked well didn't break and selected gears, it is a bit notchy and you have to be quite precise with the shifts but for a first time out I'm quite happy with it but it will need R&D. Now for the problems, After 2 laps it developed a miss fire that got worse through the lap so I decided to come in and that was when the real fire started ~!!!! it was quickly extinguished and turned out to be Hot Exhaust and Fibreglass don't go well together so some mods and heat proofing required, The miss fire was due to plug leads melting so need to look at some protection for them. All in all not a terrible first first run I will post some videos and photos very soon. Cheers Leon

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...Hot Exhaust and Fibreglass don't go well together so some mods and heat proofing required, The miss fire was due to plug leads melting so need to look at some protection for them. Cheers Leon
Had to smile (somewhat). Even though my power level is much lower than yours, I had to put a great deal of effort to keep fuel lines and fiberglass cool (a relative term of course) in order to make a track day a success day. I can't imagine the heat your powerplant produces.
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Congratulations on a humungus effort. Very few people get to experience the sensation of driving out onto a track in a car they have built entirely of their own hands, quite an achievement. Now the fun begins.
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Oh my! I have never been able to decide if the M20 or Lotus 49 was my favorite all-time race car. I'm there now and it's your car hands down! If I was 10 years younger I'd be begging you for a copy. Really great job! I can't say enough, so I'll shut up...............for now!
No Begging required Howard, Just money. we have some sorting to do I have spent the weekend remodeling the rear deck so I can get some cool air in there and a heat shield. I'm going to change the plug leads to a Ceramic boot and cover the lead with heat wrap that MSD put out, I actually had some on the wire that comes out of the Mag to the coil and it had no issues and is very close to the headers. Will do some other changes all very minor but showed up in that first drive. I'm just waiting for my Daughter to send me the photos she took on the day, she has a very flash camera and does a lot of photography as part of her job so they should be quite good. Hope to back out for the September test day. Cheers Leon
Incredibly awesome Leon, since I've been following along most of the way there is a minor vicarious sense of accomplishment ;) .
Great looking, best wishes for speed in sorting any challenges..

Look forward to more pics and video.
Thanks Mesa. Andrew, did you stick the foil direct to the body or is it on a heat shield that has an air gap to the fibreglass??