M40 info

Just took a gander at Meat's M40 site.

The chassis designer is the guy who designed the JBL Cobra.
Not too shabby. Some details - 2 versions, 1 is single
donor (non-V8 probably), the other uses small block V8 and
(probably) Audi transaxle. The fuel tanks are centrally
located, the sills narrower, and the seats wider. From the
rear firewall up, both kits are going to be the same.

Meat and his engineer claim that the exterior is almost
identical to the original.

For those who might be concerned, Meat had 2 recent incidents
that put him oput of commission for a while. He seems
to be recovering well.

A final note - after all of the back and forth feuds
Meat had on this forum, and voluntary exit from the
forum, on his website he still gives GT40s.com 5 stars.

You can visit his site at http://www.cobratrader.com
and for a bb on the M40 progress:


I wish him the best of luck getting his product to
market, especially if he hits the $15K price mark for
the kit.

Hey Meat!! I know you still read this board. I just want to
say get well and I hope everything goes well with your project.
If you have Richard Hudgins designing your M40 chassis then you certainly got the best. I think that guy could make an M-1 tank handle better. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I'm much better now. The project came to a standstill, but it should be cranked back up here pretty quick.

I know that the body is coming along quite nicely.

The chassis still needs to get fired back up.

Probably new information will be available end of next week (14th or the 15th). I still have to get the carcass from the donor car hauled away, pick up my new truck (last one got burned up by the ELF weasels), get out of the home purchase (got burned up in Lake Arrowhead), and catch up on some people who owe me money (they're not burned up) so that I can get the project back on track.

It's still the same target; a kit for $14,900. Not a rebody, a custom semi-monocoque chassis (suitable for racing), single donor car.

Your pal,
Well, if all goes well, I should have the bodies at Knotts this year...We'll see...

Your pal,

Ron Earp

Hey, I hope Sean can pull it off and I certainly wish him a speedy recovery too. I don't have anything against him and of course he is welcome here on the forum. Times were different back in those days, now we've got a nice set of forum rules, moderators, etc. and I've not noticed any ugliness lately.

On one of the forums it indicated the donor car was a minivan of sometype, using a transverse V6 layout with the steering locked out. Is this correct?


Fran Hall RCR

From what I have heard ,from different sources ,Seans original project was/is going to use a Toyota MR2 even though he has denied this suggestion in the past..... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
From what I have heard ,from different sources ,Seans original project was/is going to use a Toyota MR2 even though he has denied this suggestion in the past.....

[/ QUOTE ]

Surely not. The MR2 is tiny compared to a GT40. The brake sizes, floor pan, engine allignment, power-to-weight etc etc would be all wrong. Unless of coarse you discarded these parts, but then it wouldn't be a single donor kit.

... but I guess that he may well be aiming for a market that isn't being serviced at the moment and prepared to accept more compromises. On that, I wish him good luck.

Fran Hall RCR

I think the idea is/was to use the complete engine cradle assembly and maybe the other parts like the steering and electrics but the reat I am not at all sure about...but the MR2 basis is the car he talked about...for sure.!