M6B Tragic

The car looks great Udo, not too far away from a start up ?? The one thing I miss is the workshop I had for the main part of the build but the rent wasn't do-a-ble long term and I live in suburbia with a 600m site so no room for a decent shed.
Well I've finally brought my car home to my new property and new shed. Never again! They'll have to bury me here. It'll take another year just to get settled back in the shed Rod, let alone the property and house renovations ( my wife has along list ).
Anyway, I borrowed my mate Clayton 's trailer again and my cars home. I guess building a trailer will be the next thing on my "to do" list.
It's amazing how low it is after being used to seeing it on the build table all these years. Here are a few pictures of it on the ground.
Now I hope to get back to where I left off.
Don't worry Andy, I don't go near the water. They've pulled about 300 Crocs out of the waterways around Darwin this season. I'll stick to my pool.
Leon, your cars looking great too.


Hi Udo
happy new year and .... happy enjoyment with your new home , shed and long list of things to do !!!! LOL
10 years ago when moving to my actual house I had similar thoughts and now am always telling to nicole ( wife) i will be buried here !!!!! RELOL
Your car looks so great !! hope you will find left time to achieved all thoose small details befor firing up and painting
Stay safe you and family .. will look forward your news went starting the beast

Just say hello and happy 2022 for me to Clayton when meeting him again
Hi Udo, Happy new year my friend.
My car has a new home in a friends show room with his fine collection of cars, no its not sold just living its best life in air conditioned luxury.
I'm starting a trailer build for a mate who races a couple of Porches so I might add it to my build thread.
Your car looks fantastic and will not be too far away from the finish line hopefully this year ?? maybe. Looking forward to more progress photos.
My car will be in the Feb or March issue of NZ Classic Car Magazine so if you get it over there might be worth a read.
Best wishes for 2022, Cheers Leon.

Randy V

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Just call me curious - I am wondering why you chose the title to be "M6B Tragic"?


She looks much happier in her new and improved home Udo, but could become a little lonely by herself… ;);)
I can see a start party in the near future :cool:

Happy New Year to you as well Michel.