Miami Active Power Build

I bought the wheels from a forum member. The wheels are from Vintage Wheels 17 inch with a 4 3/4 bolt circle pattern. They fit perfect on my C5 suspension. The front are 17x8 and the rears are now 17x12 1/2. Weld Craft welded 2 1/2 inches to both 17x10s. He paid $1,850 for the welds and did a great job.
George - Great build & progress...I'm just starting my Active, your pics are a big help! Already planning to do something similar as your rear clamshell mod, thanks!
Electrical and all plumbing completed. Shifter and cables attached and working great. Mounted seat sliders to both seats. On the first attempt the engine fired up and ran great with Ed, a Borla technician, on the phone. He provided the necessary information for the first startup. Now in the process of finding someone for the bodywork and paint.


nice progress and congrats on the engine starting!!! Where's your steering wheel ;)?

*How did you mount your coolant hard pipes through the central chassis tube? Mine are just laid in there for now...but I'm trying to figure out how I could attach some P-Clamps to keep the coolant lines from rattling around, as well as routing the brake lines.
I wrapped the aluminum tubes with Sticky Shield, a great heat insulator. I also ran the clutch and brake line through the the tunnel. A good fit with no movement and not needing clamps. I’m getting ready for the paint so the dash, seats and steering wheel will be coming out. I ordered a 14 inch Moto-Lita steering wheel.
Hi Steve I purchased two adjustable fuel senders from a forum member. I had to modify and shorten them to fit. I used aluminum fuel cell rollover 6AN adapter valves on both tanks for vents and they work great, no gas smell. I just figured out the gas pedal and throttle cable install for my EFI. I’m still trying to figure out the layout and installation for my emergency brake bracket setup. If you did yours and can share I would greatly appreciate it. How is your build coming along???

Joel K

George, excellent work! Love the Eight Stack and exhaust especially. Whole car is coming together very well.
Hi George. The build is not going as fast as yours, but I finally got my body today. It’s a bit rough and will need a ton of work to make it fit, but I’m pumped

I got this from Ted Baird who says that this is a splash mold from an original 40. From what I understand a splash mold is a mold from an original car and only a few body’s were made from the mold. So this may be the closest body to an original GT40 that I could get.

Here are some pics, but it’s going to take a long time before the body fits correctly, but that’s the fun!

Take a look.


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Paint buffed, wheels powder coated and will be adding orange stripe this week.


Putting her back together. Just finished with the air conditioner and starting on mounting the windshield wiper system.


Wow, you’re killing it! Looks beautiful.

I’ve taken a break on my car. Got a little overwhelming so I thought I’d take some time away and build something a little more reasonably priced.

I am in the middle of rebuilding a British motorcycle, but I’m getting the bug to go back to my car after seeing this!

Way to go!