My new baby


Congratulations, it looks absolute fabulous.

I am in Cary, NC and would love to see your car and perhaps shoot some pictures of our cars together.

When are you planning to have her on the road?



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Johann, no idea. It'll be at least mid-November before any work gets started on it, and probably later.

Thanks, guys!

Just got too much going on trying to make sure we kick Ron Earp's butt in the 13 Hour at VIR in a few weeks. ;) Fran has Ron's Lola looking pretty good...too good to race, Ron. Better just keep her home. *cough*


Ron Earp

Donnie, you're in NC! I didn't know that. That 917 you have is one of the most beautiful replicas of anything that I'd ever seen in person. I saw it up at RCR a couple of months ago, really cool. Let's get together sometime, I'm in Cary just 20 miles up the road.


Brian Hamilton

I'm on the verge of touching myself inappropriatel
Absolutely beautiful!! The 2 cars together really give you a sense of how low and sleek the 917 is. Incredible. That's the first monocoque car out, right? Looks really good man. is the footbox moved back to put your feet behind the front wheels or is it still like the original where your legs can get sheered off? LOL JK!! What's the drivetrain going in this thing?


Brian, the monocoque cars are just as "sheerable" as the original tube frame cars. I'm sure the monocoques are stronger, but the pedals are in the same location.
Yeah, Ron, I'm just up the road from you.

The drivetrain will be a 993 engine built to probably 350HP with a 930 gearbox. No turbo, at least to start with.

It's painted.

Thanks for the kind words on the RS. That's really a 1987 Carrera with a lightly massaged 3.2 that Farnbacher Loles backdated to look mostly like a '73 RS. I left the sunroof, AC, and other amenities, but the entire suspension is upgraded and those are 930 brakes with hand made 17" Fuchs replicas.


Congratualtions to that beauty. It is jsut a piece of art Fran and his team have created.

For info this is not the first monocoque car. Others have been delivered already before.