Need Opinion on Tornado Kit

Hi guys,

I last posted almost 3 years ago. I've been lurking, and hunting for a kit car within a price range I could afford. Working 3 jobs also saps time away from being able to pursue this stuff.

I found a Tornado kit car from 1989 that has been sitting in a garage for years after a second owner purchased it. The first owner appears to have done some work to rough out interior and bulkhead panels. His work looks decent, and though I might have to tear into some of it, I do not expect to be stripping it back down to a bare frame. The body is UNTOUCHED and has not been drilled or screwed with in any way. I'm trying to assess a rough value on this thing, and I'm at the point where I need to ask some experts here.

Frame: Paint is solid, no surface rust that I can see.
Suspension- Minor pitting on the chrome links in the rear. Some older coilovers, no brand name, on all four corners.
Body/Panels- Minor cracks in the gel coat at some corners, zero distortion, no holes at all drilled into it.

Included parts-
Both tanks, still with sticky plastic covering
Audi transaxle of unknown type. (He didn't have it there)
Steering wheel
Brake/clutch reservoirs
Throttle cable
Misc smaller dash pieces
Cobra Valve covers

Missing parts-
Pretty much entire interior minus dash shell
Side Windows
Rear Window
Steering Column
Engine (obviously)
All exterior finishing odds/ends.

Any idea on a rough value for this kit? I am falling in love with this thing, it is close to home, and I personally know the owner and he's a great guy. I just don't want to get taken on this deal.

Again, thanks for your input, and hopefully I can be posting in the build thread areas soon!

Here are some pictures. Apologies for the poor quality- my cameraphone is badly scratched these days.

Also, let me preempt you by saying that those wheels will be taken off. And burned with fire. I shall wear rubber gloves when removing them.


Check with Andy at Tornado. I believe he made some important upgrades to the rear suspension of the early cars. You would want to add these to your build as they strengthen things up.
Scott, replied to your PM, and hopefully I can get Andy's information off of you as well/talk about the suspension upgrades necessary to make this safe.

I ended up purchasing the car today. I will be disassembling it in the coming weeks, and no doubt have dozens of elementary questions. It is nice to actually have a reason to be on these boards now.