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Brian Stewart
There have been a number of posts over the past few months regarding bits and pieces found on the original cars. I know originality is not an issue for some, and that’s fine, but for others it is important. This thread was started way back in late 2002 but I guess some of the newer members will not know of its existence. Time, then, to bring it back to the fore with a number of updates and changes. Thanks to all who have contributed to the list and, if you spot an error, or can add some other item, please feel free to do so. Of course many items were specific to the GT40, but the following list shows some of the “parts bin” items, or at least items that very closely resemble the original bits. As Frank Catt points out, very few of the original cars were exactly the same, so there is some room for interpretation here. Now please excuse me while I go don my flameproof suit…

MKI Tail lights - Simca 1000 (Fiat 850 is similar)
MKII Tail ligts - '62/’63 Chev Corvair
MKI Indicator lights - Austin A30
Indicator lights on MK III - MG 1100
Demister grille - MKIII Zephyr (Also Lotus Elan)
Handbrake lever for race cars - 105E Ford Anglia (Similar lever found in 100E but needs modification)
Handbrake lever for MK III and some road cars – Mk III Zephyr (also Late Mk II an early MK IV Zephyr)
Lucas washer bottle - Rover 2000/Triumph 2000
Washer nozzle - Rover 3L
Wiper Motor - MKIII Zephyr, Rover 3L (Boeing 707 on some MKII's and MK IV)
Wiper rack and wheelbox - MKII Jaguar
Wiper arm - Triumph 2500 MKII
Door catches (i.e. the striker plate on the body) 1952-56 Phase II Standard Vanguard and the Triumph Mayflower
Door latch – P4 Series rovers – e.g. “Cyclops” Rover 75,
Some Smiths gauges were used in Cortina GT and Lotus Cortina.
Rear view mirror - Rover 3L, Rover 2000, Aston Martin DB5/6?, MK 2 Jag or XKE. (Bonds to windscreen, not roof)
Fluid reservoirs – Girling? Many early English Fords and BMCs?
Eyeball vents – Early MKIV Zephyr Zodiac (pre-facelift)
Rocker switches for MKIII – Early Capri?
Toggle switches - MKI & MK II – Early Mini, Jaguar
Indicator switch - early MGB or Mini
Outer door lock - Rover 2000
Rear Licence plate lights - Triumph TR3 / TR4
GT40MK111 Over-riders (Bumpers ) - ?????
MK111 Steering rack - MGB
Body Latches - Hartwell Co. Lynx Helicopter and other aircraft including the Jumbo.
Flywheel ring gear - 115 tooth Austin A35 or A40
Front Ball joints - Commer van
Steering column - E-Type Jag?
Headlights – Marchal (but Renault 12, HC Vauxhall Viva, Mki Ford Escort and Early Hillman Hunter are all of similar dimensions)
Headlight flasher switch – Lucas part number 31835

Original suppliers (Courtesy of Paul Bearman and others – note, many of these companies no longer exist)
Monocoque chassis: Abbey panels Ltd
Fibreglass parts: Specialised Mouldings Ltd
Gauges: Smiths motor accessories Ltd
Electrics: Joseph Lucas Ltd
Headlamps: Cibie
Carbs: Edoardo Weber
Exhaust: V.W. Derrington Ltd
Plugs: Autolite division, Ford Company
Suspension: Southwest (Bearings) Products
Shafter (bearings) Ltd
Shock absorbers: Armstrong Patents Co Ltd
Springs: Tempered springs Ltd
Wheel bearings: Timken Roller Bearing Co
Steering rack: Cam Gears Ltd
Transaxle: Gear Speed Developments Ltd
Clutch: Borg and Beck
Brakes: Girling Ltd
Brake linings: Ferodo Ltd
Wheels: Costruzioni Mecchaniche
Tyres: Dunlop Rubber Co
Cooling system: Serck Radiator services Ltd
Fuel system: Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co
Fuel pumps: Bendix (early cars) Stewart Warner (later cars)
Eclipse Machine Corp
Battery: Autolite Division,Ford Motor Co
Drive shafts: B.R.D Co Ltd
Inboard couplings: Metalastic Ltd
Castings: Sterling Metals Ltd
Bearings: Rose Bros
Ina Needle Bearings Ltd
Bushes: Glacier Metal Co Ltd
Perspex parts: Suntex Saftey Glass Inds Ltd
Glass parts: Tudor Saftey Glass Co Ltd
Small springs: Doig Springs & Eng Co Ltd
Tube work: Arch Motor & Mfg Co Ltd
Body hardware: Wilmot Breeden Ltd
Machined parts: A.P.A Tool & Eng Co Ltd
Ascott Precision Tool Co Ltd
E. Matthews Eng Co Ltd
Special Steels: Aircraft Materials Ltd
Rubber bushes: Silentbloc Ltd
Rubber springs: Aeon Products Ltd
Rubber body parts: C.O.H Bains Ltd
Starter rings: Frances B Wilmot Ltd
Hoses: Hesco Ltd
Lockheed Precision Products
Seals: Nilos Rings
Clips: Seeger-Orbis Gmbh

GT40 Chassis 1075
Oil: Gulf Oil
Tyres: Firestone
Cylinder Heads: Weslake Engineering
Cooper Mechanical Joints
Gaskets: Anglo American Racers
Crank Bearings: Vandervell Products
Ignition/Alternator/Starter: Autolite
Spark Plugs: Autolite
Carburettors: Weber
Carburettor Ball Joints: Rose Forgrove
Fuel Pumps: Stewart Warner
Fuel Filter: F.I.S.P.A
Fuel Lines: Superflexit
Oil Filter: Fram
Oil Lines: Simplifix/Hubert Trist
Alternator Belt: Gates
Starter Ring Gear: F.B. Wilmott
Rubber Bushes: Silentbloc
Clutch: Borg and Beck
Transmission: ZF
Drive Shafts/Universal Joints: B.R.D
Drive Shaft Couplings: Metalastik
Brakes: Girling
Friction Material: Ferodo
Wheel Castings: Aeroplane and Motor Castings
Wheel Bearings: British Timken
Suspension Joints: South West Products/Shafer
Road Springs: Tempered Spring
Exhaust Pipes: T.D.C. Components
Steering Rack: Cam Gears
Needle Roller Bearings: I.N.A
Steering and Gear Shift U/Joints: Borg Warner
Steering Wheel: J.A. Pearce
Battery: Exide
Lighting System: Cibie/Sylvania
Screen Wiper Motor: Lucas
Screen Wiper Arm/Blade: Trico
Switches: Lucas
Instruments: Smiths/C.A.V
Radiators: Serck
Dampers: Koni
Fuel Cells: Goodyear
Chassis Frame: Abbey Panels
Body Panels: Glass Fibre Engineering
Door Locks: Wilmot Breedon
Paint: ICI
Exhaust Paint: Sperex
Glass: Triplex
Windscreen Fixative: Dunlop Chemical Division
Rear Lighting Fixative: Bitumen Industries
Body Fasteners: H.K. Porter
Seats: Wood and Pickett
Spray Painting: Ron Webb


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What a fantastic post. Im sure this is invaluable information for many of us.
Thankyou for making it so comprehensive. Ive checked the demister grille on an S3 Elan Sprint and its not like the Zephyr grille, but it could well be the same on earlier cars.
The MK1 40's that had 2 rear lights, as opposed to the Simca unit, ive found a direct replacement in Holden's catalogue, these are a direct replacement for the units Jay Cushman sold recently on this forum.
Once again many thanks.


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Further to my earlier post.
Ive consulted a Lotus Guru and he confirms this:
The Zephyr windscreen demister grille was fitted to S1 Elans, up to 1966. A bit like the eyeball vents,they changed the grille soon into the S1 Elans launch. So they are also 'Rocking Horse Do Do' to find.Ive located 3 of them and will be investigating re manufacture.


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Sweet post. Thanks. I'm sure many of us have been trying to piece together all this info. Way to go.
Not sure if this fuse box was used on GT-40s or not, but does anyone know of a common original application of this Lucas SF4 Fuse box?

Thanks, Chuck Brandt

Chuck, that is not as used on the GT40s. The GT40s used a Lucas 6FJ 4 way fuse box with terminals that exit out the bottom (not out the sieds, like the 7FJ).

You can still buy the 4FJ in your picture from this company:
See item 391.
This is not the cheapest place to buy them, but they do hve them...

p.s. Roy, glad to see the bits are gathering /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Thank you John,
That's the first place I've seen them. The price isn't bad, but the shipping is pretty steap. I may keep looking stateside for a while.

Thanks, Chuck
Charlie, read the post again. 6FJ is the one you want.
Be aware though that the covers for the 6FJ and the 7FJ are interchangeable, which is why I described the way the terminals exit the base as it is common to find a 6FJ with a 7FJ cover on it, & vice versa. What it says on the cover is not important, as long as the terminals exit out the bottom of the base and not the sides.

FYI you need three of them.

Hope that helps.

p.s. glad the link was of use Chuck. I didn't check the postage, was it really that steep ?
I just looked - doesn't look too bad,m except when compared to the cost of the part.
Maybe a nice person in the uk could source you one and post it off to you, but I doubt it would be much cheaper. Send me a pm if you like and I'll see what I can dig up.
In the mean time, here is another company that sells them:

I was somewhat mistaken I had read about the VAT and with unknown postage I figured I was over $100. But I think maybe I don't need to pay VAT?

Anyway, I ordered the part from the second place you listed, much appreciated. Not sure of my total but it should be around $75. I tried a few places in the states but no one seemed to know exactly what I was talking about /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Thanks again,


Ian Anderson

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I can confirm that you should not pay VAT
In the UK if a company exports goods (outside the EU) the goods are zero rated for VAT.

The requirement is on the seller to be able to prove that goods selt the country - this is proved by the Fedex / Post receipt etc.

Just wanted to let you all know the fuse box came today and it looks great. I appologize for unintentionally hijacking this thread, I honestly thought it might be a GT-40 part.

Anyway, thanks for the help, one more piece of the King Cobra.

Chuck Brandt

I know this is an old post but does anyone know what these interior courtesy lights are from. I've been looking everywhere to try and identify what they are from or who makes them

Thanks guys

I know this is an old post but does anyone know what these interior courtesy lights are from. I've been looking everywhere to try and identify what they are from or who makes them

Thanks guys

I see in the lead up to the British F1GP on the weekend that Christian Horner was driving into the circuit in an old DB5 Aston Martin doing a TV interview. Go Pro mounted on the dash looking back at Horner and the presenter/interviewer...… interior lights looked similar.