Original Race Car Transporters

And when the transporter broke down mid-route, then the cars were unloaded and driven to the track and run, perhaps with just a new set of tires and brake pads properly bedded in. In fact, there are several stories of just this happening with the race car going on to win in class. In fact, there's one true story of this happening (I believe it was Le Mans)...with the race car going back after a class-win to where the transporter was left on some rural lane and hooking up a tow and towing the transporter home....amazing.

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I seem to recall a story I read a few years ago about a driver whose tow vehicle broke down, so he took the engine from the race car and put it into the tow vehicle, swapped it back at the track and went on to win the race!

Think it was one of the older Brazilian drivers, poss Nelson Piquet, but don't quote me on any of that. If anyone can recollect this story properly I would be interested to see it.

(Just realized that thread was in the Original GT40s subforum, but I think the story I am referring to is a more local/lower category of racing).

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I agree...theirs is very cool. The photo doesn't look that old. Is it possible it was kept and restored? The Mercedes one looks terrible to drive, especially without the car on the back. Talk about some serious understeer......uh oh. Looks like it would want to keep going in a straight line...
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I always liked the idea of having one of these, but I am happy every time I get closer to make the dream real, common sense comes back. I guess owning one of these is a nightmare. And probably the most sensible way to have one is as decoration in the garage, just static.

Some more here:
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Jim Rosenthal

I think what's cool about the transporters for the old race teams is that some of them reflect the look of the cars- not that they look like the cars, but some of them were obviously designed by car enthusiasts and people who just loved motor vehicles, like us. It's GREAT that the Ecurie Ecosse transporter was found and restored. What a beautiful old truck and how nice that they have it all fixed up.
The famous Lotus transporter is restored and somewhere in Europe (I think Austria).
The old original Tyrrell transporter is owned by an american who also owns a couple of Tyrrell F1 cars which he races regularly. It is in the UK and it is a Goodwood visitor regularly. I will see if I have a picture around to post it.

But my favorite would be the Futurliner, which never was a race car transporter, but a mobile show room for GM. I would not mind to have one of these converted to transport race cars... just dreaming... Yes I know it is a GM, but I would not mind to have my Ford transported by it
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