Photobucket has broken the Internet- and

As many people know, Photobucket has changed their policy concerning "3rd party hosting" and is now demanding $400 a year in ransomware to make pictures appear in forums- ones that have been working for as long as 10 years in some cases.

This makes many threads much less useful, where text exists to clarify pictures in the thread.

Unless Photobucket comes to it's senses and changes their new policy to grandfather existing links, or lower the price to something reasonable, a lot of sites are going to have a lot of really frustrated people.

Would it be possible for Ron to enable editing of existing posts for the sole purpose of fixing links, once the pics are migrated to a more realistic hosting site (or just uploaded to

Otherwise, a lot of threads here just lost a lot of value.

Brian Kissel

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I have seen this on other forums, I frequent also. Not a good situation, and I hope photobucket comes to their senses.


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Get an AWS S3 bucket and enable web hosting. Pennies a month to have your image and whatever other static content hosting you want. Do you know what's behind many of the services i.e. photobucket and dropbox? S3 ;)
Drop box screwed me over 6 months back so I moved stuff across to photo bucket and now that's cracked A wobbly as well. I'm over it. My build diary is a joke and I can't be bothered up dating it as I can't fix the broken links
My photobucket pics are still working. Wonder how long they'll last? :huh:
Pete, I'm guessing that if you have a paid plan, they are honoring the terms of it until renewal. When it expires, you are likely hosed like the rest of us.

But maybe they are having a come-to-Jesus meeting right now and contemplating the mass exodus of customers that is surely happening. A reasonable thing would be to allow previous links to continue to work, while disallowing new ones.

But I can't see them being a going concern for long- have you seen their FB page? It's a dumpster fire.


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Well, it took them a week to get to me, but it happened. All the images in my build thread are gone. :sad:

Project for this weekend: Download my pics and delete my photobucket account
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FYI - If you want to view a Photobucket picture in someone's thread, right click on the PB extortion notice, then select "open link in new tab".

EDIT: Disregard, they "fixed" this loophole :(
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Ron Earp

It is now possible to edit your posts in the following forums:

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Go forth and fix your threads if you wish and/or are able.