Regards from Holland

Hi all, I am JP, 47 years old and just bought a KVA project.
Doing Ford Capri's for years ( resto, modification & tuning ) and owning 8 of them ( and some more Ford stuff).
I am a part time truck driver and the other time I work in my own shop.

My wife always wanted a GT40 and we where looking for one for ages.
Finaly last week we found one we could affort.

Its a '81 reg, KVA with a GT Forté MK2 kit.
Comes with a Rover P6 3500 V8 on a Citroën C35 transmission.
Its a stranded project.

We keep the tranny as there's a company in Holland specialised in them.
The C35 will be beefed up and get a new correct turning CWP ( yes they are available) and a quaiffe ATB diff. Its should be good for 450bhp when we get it back.

For the moment, the Rover engine will stay to. 150kilograms ( 330 pounds) alloy V8 engine could be a good fast handling combination inside a GT40 replica.
We have one of those RV8 engines fully prepped ( supercharged ) in a '73 Capri which goos like stink.

Best regards, JP

I also have a 1981/82 mk 3 kva which i restart building beginning march this year.

looking forward to change some ideas and knowledge with you.


Ian Anderson

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Hi JP and welcome.

Seen your posts on the V8 forum site.

Post up some pictures of the car when you get a chance

Thanks Paul and Ian.
Indeed from Capri mk1 V8 which we still have and drive, to next level GT40.

Ian, Its your comment from years ago that made me decide to keep the Rover V8.

Tried to get some GT40 info trough V8 forum facebook but no responces so ended up here.
Well with 10 posts I am alowed to post pics.

Well to be honest.. next level in appearance only I guess cause very practical is a GT40 not.
We are used to pack up a Capri with campgear and travel to all big race events in Europe like Spa Classic, Silverstone Classic and Spa SixHours to see all GT40´s racing.
We do this for about 17 years now.
That would be a challenge doing it with a GT40.... roofrack......naaahh.

So we have this ´73 F250 and I bought a camper slide-in unit for it ( project also ) '73 F250 + '77 trailer and GT40 MK2 are the thoughts. Bit more comfortable than a tent.

Won't give up Capri's.
hope this works now


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One of my favorite cars....Alpine A 310 GT.... great color and love the extra rally lights.

Very tasty car indeed!
Middelburg is indeed 1 hour... with a GT40. With my '73 F250 its takes ¾hr longer.
But with my 1973 Ford Capri V8 supercharged I can get that in 1 hour... but have to slow down between Bergen op Zoom en Roosendaal.
Have friends there and not in Torentijd...

Going to collect it comming up saturday

Project car. KVA with Jaguar uprights ??
Citroën C35 tranny which will be beefed up to 450BHP by DS-Vitesse in Limmen
Rover V8, will stay for the moment. Have sourced a genuine 427, medium rise dual quad, but out of budged for now.
Confirmed its a GT Forté MK2 body kit.
Comes with lots of new parts and a 1981 registration.

I did not pay the money asked in the ad for those European forum members.
Probably still to much, but thats my problem and nobody elses.
I live for myself and I answer to nobody.
I ( we including my wife who is very nady with tools) are going to build "our" dream car.

Ian Anderson

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That looks like a good start of a project.

Be on the road in time for Le Mans Classic in July?

Did you get a windscreen? There are 2 normally available with slightly different curvatures, nay be worth checking before you take the plunge and spend money!

It comes with a brand new windscreen. How do I see if its the correct one ??

Found some history.
According to Adrian Beale who had this car end of 2016. The car belonged to a relative of Mick Ridley GT40 Aluminium Mononcoque Chassis
Probably a guy called Devon

Micks car and this car both got sold to Adrian Beale somewhere during 2016.
John bought Mick's GT40 and mine got in the hands of a Belgium tradesman
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Ian Anderson

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Hopefully your screen matches the spider supplied. Fit it in the hole and check the outside corners compared to the fiberglass.

The "Tornado" one from memory had more curve than the "GTD" variety which was slightly flatter.

I have seen this car being offered for quite some time in Belgium (Mecanicimport).
They have mostly very nice cars for sale. I actually have been there a couple of times in the past to have a look at 2 GT40's they had at that time.
Looks like a nice start!

If you need any help, just let me know.
This forum will be your perfect help!!!
hallo JP welkom to the best gt40 forum around, nice to see another Dutchie with an gt40 kit. I know of two more near me, one in wateringen (he is a member here) and one in maassluis but that one is still in parts.. btw your only 45min away so I can "feel" there is a visit in the near future... lol