RestoMod Air?


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Does anyone have any experience with RestoMod Air? Their units appear to have a lot of advantages:

*Electronic controls; mode, temp, dash/defrost/heat
*SPAL fan with infinite speed control
*Really nice billet control options, including a single button one
*Bluetooth control via iOS or Android app
*Separate heating and cooling coils
*Serviceable box (not all glued together)
*Better quality – at least according to their site LOL


Spoke with them, nice systems and they will customize any aspect of it. That's what I will be using. Really like to BT connected app. I was going to integrate an Ipad mini or iphone for my infotainment and having the HVAC controls there as well was nice.

Randy V

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Nice kits...
Curious how they would work with some of the electric compressors out there...


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What aspects did you ask to have them customize? I know that they'll sell whatever pieces you want so you don't need swallow stuff you don't need and you can mix and match all of their billet pieces to get the look you want which is really nice.

But, when I asked about changing the outlets on the top they indicated that I'd need to do it. No problem, I think I can manage that. I then asked them about supporting the LS heater control valve (i.e., the one with a built in heater bypass) that I and a lot of other builders use. It uses a slightly different version of a motor actuator from the same Chinese supplier. Their response was that they don't have a bypass on their LS or I could get a new radiator or re-plumb. Not really an option for me. Both actuators are 90-degree valves with the same electrical plug and it would be a pretty simple matter for them to check with their supplier if the ECU for both actuators is the same (that would result in a plug -and-play swap). They didn't have any interest in checking.

So, they were responsive, but not willing to call supplier to ask simple question. In any event, I bought one of their valves and I'm pretty sure that I can solve this by printing a 3D part to covert their shaft to the valve.

Lastly, I read the instructions very carefully and noted that the Bluetooth and manual controls are mutually exclusive. Not a big deal until there is an issue with something and you can't control the air. I have a coffee/espresso machine that's controlled via Bluetooth. It was engineered from the ground up for Bluetooth control, but I run into control issues from time to time. Fortunately, it has some small override switches.

The RestoMod instructions indicate that you need to do the following to switch from Bluetooth to manual.
*must close out Bluetooth connection from your device
*LED on ECU will change from double flash (connected) to single flash (not connected)
*Connect jumper to calibration port to use manual controls
*LED on ECU will light up (you can now use manual controls)

The jumper can be replaced by a hidden switch, but there is no facility to remote the LED. This type of design would seem to indicate that the Bluetooth was an afterthought. I asked if they would come out with a new ECU (which I'd have to pay for) that would get rid of the need for the above process... guys that I spoke with really know A/C, but they don't know software.

I'm leaning towards doing it. So, I'm really curious about:
*what customizations you're planning on
*if anyone has experience on how stable the Bluetooth control
*thoughts on the A/C unit itself v(i.e., s. Vintage Air)


My initial inquiry was met with lots of support to accomodate the install needs. Looking at the info you have provided that may not be the case? That BT to manual control process would be a concern for me.


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Hyder, I think that I can solve the tubes out of the top and the heater control valve issue on my own. I was just expecting a little more support given that they have a "custom part" request upload page. Perhaps they customize the billet parts and not the rest of the system.

I'm close to pulling the trigger. My biggest concern is the BT to manual process. It's either an issue or it's not... which is why I'm hoping someone has real-world experience with it. I told them that I was interested in purchasing an upgraded ECU that fixed that potential BT/manual problem. No one I spoke with really understood why I would want that or would want to remote the LED indicator(because I want to burry the ECU). It feels like they had a really nice innovation and outsourced the BT engineering which makes sense because how much software is an A/C company going to write?

Are you looking to get one soon?


Im not in a rush to order as I wont be addressing the A/C install untill much later. There was a thought of possibly locating the unit in the radiator box area under the front nose. Just havent had time to explore at length. So I may be following your lead. Or not.....
Im with you regarding the Led remote and multi step process for switching from app to manual.


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I don't think you want to put it in the nose for two reasons; it gets a lot tighter than you think and all of the hot air from the radiator/condenser will hit it. I think some of the early cars might have located it there with mixed results.

I'm pretty sure I will be able to cut the top of the foot box, have it stick 4" up through the hole and wind up with the same amount of room in the foot box as just bolting the Vintage Air underneath. I don't like cutting the hole, but it's been done before. I'm pretty sure it was done on the 1200+hp twin turbo car built at Superlite so I don't think there are any structural issues so long as you keep it away from the welds and radius the corners. In addition, the RestoMod Bantum is taller and thinner than the Vintage Air so the hole will be smaller.
Looking over the Resto website they have some nice looking manual control sets. All tech keeps evolving, sure would have been nice to have this available when were picking parts for my AC design.
I really dig this setup, especially the BT part. Sub'ing to this thread so I can keep an eye on anyone who goes with it.


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Del, I posted an update in my build thread... I ordered a couple of mock cases to see if I can get them to fit.