RF #12 "Race" Chassis

I entered my GT40 in the Northam flying 50, it was a cranking hot day...37 or 38deg C.

The new 414ci motor got a good flogging and never came close to overheating....which i was thankful for. It was good see the motor is making plenty of power and i had no trouble keeping up power wise but unfortunately my brakes were just shyte, good road brakes but not closed street circuit brakes at all. Changing wheel diameter back to 15's and smaller 4 piston callipers plus poorly set up brake bias lead to my brakes giving up pretty quick....with the pedal sinking each run ,the smell of pads melting and by the last run even pumping the pedal made little difference ,was a little unnerving as those concrete side barriers look fairly tall in 40 (word is a Yellow Morgan went in pretty hard) but i had just enough brakes to pull up. Those Avon tyres are incredible, they just stick and i think they made a terrible driver look reasonable. I have some suspension work to do as the front felt a bit Go kart like and seemed to skip in tight corners, of course the bumpy road surface may of added to the mix.

My paint has taken a flogging and more so from being towed on the trailer than track work. I lost 3 kilos on the day from heat sweat but had a great time and finally to be back driving again after so many years was awesome....

Need to re-design front brakes and get some better cooling, fix a leaking cv boot as grease splatter on clip, change seating position to a more race comfortable arrangement and replace pedal box and move it an inch forward for better fitting.
Next event is in June, Albany round the houses and i want to go extra hard there so need to get stuck in.

Ha Haa yeah....The car is also featured in Forged Mag as well. I spend most of my time on FB these days. Im currently upgrading the seats, dash, and gauges at the moment. I also have the car for sale but not much interest.
FB has been annoying me today. i got a friend request from someone who i was friends with previously. for some reason FB had decided that we were no longer friends and that we didn't need to see what each other were doing or hear from each other.
FB is a commercial platform and I'm finding that more and more of my feed is just advertising.

I say bring it back here Dave.
you should put your Cobra build and the Pantera builds up here as well.



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Also interested please continue to share. Don't be discouraged because so many conversations on this site are just people arguing politics and not interesting GT40 topics.