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I have an issue. The tapered hole for the tie rod end (in the steering control arm) appears to have been reamed / resized from original spec. The tie rod ends that I have are far too small, and just rattle about in the hole.

The top of the taper in my upright's arms are 17.62mm and the bottom is 15.62mm (at a thickness of 15.62mm). This equates to approx 3.66 degrees taper. I have a couple of options in front of me, both of which mean having parts machined to suit.

I'm hoping that there is an off the shelf option for this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks Gus. Still going ahead, along with all the other projects around my place ;)


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you could always ream out the steering arm hole so it is a 5/8" parallel hole. Then have a 5/8"od x 1/2"id sleave machined so you can install a 1/2" UNF rod end bearing (with left hand threads). This will allow you to move the rod end up and down via shims as needed when you sort out any bump steer that may be inherit in your setup.

You will also need an adaptor to mate your existing tie rods (RH thread) to the rod end bearing as both most likely have different diameter and threads. This adaptor will allow you to alter toe without having to damage the tie rod or removing the rod end bearing.

You can just see my adaptor in the attached photo.

I will be doing similar to the Daytona when i get the chance.


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That is a good idea, and in fact, Paul at RF suggested a similar solution.

I was kind of thinking that the previous custodian of this car sort of had an idea of what he was going to use here, otherwise he wouldn't have created a larger diameter tapered hole in the first place. I was hoping that this would be a simple fix...

Work continues, engine and trans slotted into place perfectly.


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Looks great Troy.

Don't forget that if your 'box is solid (or nearly solid) mounted the motor will need to be as well.

Otherwise you may crack the gearbox or bell housing as the motor moves under torque loading on the soft mounts.
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Cheers Bill. I think it's time to get stuck in properly and do this thing the justice it deserves. The reasons for wanting to sell have pretty much been solved, save for a couple of small issues that will be resolved.

No longer is the goal to create a race car that will be registered for the road. This will be an outright racer. A new transaxle will be on it's way shortly, as is the new engine. Kerrr ching!

A quick note on the steering tie rod end issue. The tapered hole didn't match any of the rod ends tried (and I tried just about every one at Repco!), so the problem has been solved with some right and left hand threaded inserts, 3/4" rose joints, and some quality time with just me and the milling machine. Just what I need on this set up, another geometry variable to adjust.
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Time for some news. The injected 302, 5 spd Audi and all associated bits are now gone.

Albins inverted AGB10 sequential trans is on order (with custom billet bell housing), and I picked up the new motor yesterday.

It's a 6ltr HSV spec LS2, from the R8 Clubsport, with 297kw and 540NM from the factory. Should be a lot more fun with a 3.3ltr Whipple on top!

Meanwhile, work continues on the new workshop, specifically for the GT. I think I'm looking forward to that completion more than the car! Classic.


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Time for a quick update.

Lots of parts arriving for the car recently, mostly related to the transaxle.

As noted in another post on the topic of expensive gearboxes, I opted out of the Albins unit given the engineering nightmare that I could see unfolding before me, just to get it shoe horned in there!

The new gearbox is expected to be flying today from the UK, and so should be here early next week. It's still a sequential shift trans with straight cut gears and dog rings, but is a 6 speed, and has some extra cool bits like internal oil pumps and digital gear display and loom, etc. I'm still using the Albins bellhousing as it's relatively narrow, but still uses the standard flywheel size, clutch, and original LS starter.

The shifter is all class too (from the US), with potentiometer to enable the ignition cut signal to the ECU for clutchless flat shifting! Woohoo!

Very excited!

I'll pin up some pics once it lands...

Once again, lots more custom stuff to do to ensure a perfect fit!
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Cool Troy, Let me know when the gearbox turns up as I would like to have a look.
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Will do, Dave. At the rate you're going, you'll probably drive #103 round to see it!

The Albins bellhousing is a nice looking bit of gear. Probably wouldn't interest too many folk on here though, as it's not going anywhere near a Ford Engine...


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Houston, the gearbox has landed. Arranged collection from Staffordshire, UK late on Friday night, then delivered to my door, 10am Monday morning!

Elite Racing Transmissions, TXL300 6 Speed sequential. Straight cut gears, dog engagement. Optioned with internal oil pump for external cooler, bespoke adapter plate to suit Albins bellhousing, hydraulic clutch and machined spacer for slave cylinder.

Other options are the gear position indicator system, and wiring loom that also includes the shift lever with switch for reverse lockout.

The front half of this transmission's housing has identical pick-up points and mounting holes to the Hewland NLT 6 speed sequential.

The work begins again...


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Troy, that's an awesome looking unit. What is the weight ? What gear ratios and final drive ratios are available?? You said the shifter was from the states, could you possibly fill in the blanks on that also. What kind of clutch setup are you going to use?? Lastly, what kind of price range, and what is the availability on the unit??

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Brian, the TXL300 is around 80kgs. Elite manufacture gearsets to customer requirements (I have attached my ratio list for reference).

There are a number of sequential shifter options available ex-USA. Hargett's make one for the Mendeola, then there is Fortin's version, Xtrac do a really complex one (though this is actually a UK item), and Albins here in Australia also make one.

The LS2 will be running a lightened flywheel with a HD single plate clutch. A very good friend of mine owns a specific performance clutch business here in WA and is handling that side of it for me. The clutch will be bypassed a fair bit during racing as the ignition cut module allows for flat shifting.

As for pricing, standard TXL300 ex-UK is GBP6000. From there you add on oil pumps, gear position systems, adapter plates, and so on.


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Love the tranny.

I know it has been a while but you asked about the tie rod ends.
I figure it isnt the STD RF stuff (cortina), it looks awfully like a holden com tie rod end.
The square casting at lock nut end is Commodore.