Show Your '40s Interiors......

Chaps, I'm making a few subtle changes to the interior of my '40 and would love to see what you guys have done. Such things as door pockets, how you've finished the visible areas of bodywork - body coloured? etc.... Seat styles and so on.

Would love to see plenty of inspirational photos :)
I finished the seats on my '40 in a dark grey leather, to give a contrast to the black powder-coated panelling. The door pockets I had flocked to match the colour of the leather and finished them with an anodised & punched retaining plate.
Hope this helps with the inspiration

Hello there,
Here’s mine. Doors have plain aluminium panels, no door pockets. Fairly plain black leather seats. No metal ringlets in seats. Here in Perth I’d be getting branded by them too often, I figured. Doors are body coloured, all else, black. Console pockets with leather lids. The console ends at the gearstick and in front of the console I ran the water pipes side by side for extra foot room and pedal clearance.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Lance



Fantastic! Some real food for thought and so many lovely individual touches too, thank you for posting :)

Andy - I love the idea of flocking the door pockets, my keys sliding around is quite annoying and the duster I've lined the bottom with isn't exactly a long term fix! haha

Brian - That's about as raw as I could ever imagine! Fair play to you sir!

Lance - You dash is a work of art! I love the idea of the centre console..... it got the cogs whirring about perhaps something for mine for sure

Bill Musarra

When I did mine I consulted a good interior guy. Jeff Henderson in Sugar Hill Ga.. Jeff when he isn't doing boat interiors, does all of Year One's interior's, when they are raising money for a charity by auctioning them off. Most of these cars are documented in Hot Rod Magazine. He did the "Smokey and the Bandit" car for them. Great attention to detail. Ran into him quite by accident and came to find he lived just a few blocks from my work. When he asked what I had in mind, I told him to just do his magic, which he did in Spades. The seats were in the car and he did the rest. The dash, and doors are a tan color. Carpets were a close match. When he finished to my surprise he had done a headliner as well. Quite an interesting detail. How he got it in with a 6 point cage in the way, I don't know. The side panels that hide the tank filler lines are stainless with engine turnings as a finish.The electronics you see on the console are for the cameras. They run on 5 volts and are able to be turned by two testers for the gimbals. All can be found on the RC web sites like Hobby King. All can be had for less than $100. I can display up to 4(of 5) cameras at one time.
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Dan Kasten

My car is an original GTD, some of the things I like in it are the leather stitched dash and side pockets. My car was built as a street car.
Bill, the headliner is certainly a lovely touch(!) and something I'm looking into as I'd like a plusher feel to the interior reather than exposed rough fibreglass
Clayton - What a wonderfully classy interior you've created!! How have you finished the inside faces of the spider out of interest?
Hello Andrew, Thanks for your very kind comment on my dashboard. Much appreciated. I've been collecting loads of GT40 piccies for ages, so thought I'd throw a few more into the mix. Cheers, Lance.
Bruce Whittaker blue (Medium).jpg
Finished - Ready for Delivery - 19 March 2005 012.jpg
Finished Ready for Delivery 12-10-05 030.jpg
Lance, thank you so much for those photos! Some lovely ideas used in those interiors and for my tastes certainly things to avoid! haha