SLC 001 Build

i have a water-cooled intercooler, yes you have a radiator for the water with fans on it, yes you have a seperate boost intercooler, but the are both smaller then one of those huge air intercooler that sits on top of the motor or in the grille.

Here are pictures of mine, I went to the manufactoror told them what I had, size of the motor, HP, 2 liter mid engine, etc, they sized what I need. Told them occasional track days, I have no problem, infact I gained 11 hp by putting a blanket around the turbo, they said it wasnt getting hot enough not being covered.


As far as the heat exchangers .. Bigger is better ! I have the LSA in my SL-C, and a few buddies run LSA's also .. Cadillac CTSV and ZL1 Camaro. Both guys have heat soak issues. Even with the small heat exchanger in the blower, the water temp is tough to keep cool. And as temp goes up ... power goes down. I had a custom rad shop make mine with sizing suggested by them, (very close to same size you have). One thing I would suggest, having a 3-4 quart tank in the loop does act as a thermal buffer. Simple to add and I have been told works well ! :thumbsup:
Cary - Not quite yet mate.

Garry - Maybe the turbo mnfgs. have better data than the SC makers.

Bob - I have a buddy with a CTSV (wagon!). Mine are 2.5 inches thick so there should be enough cooling. Now for getting enough cool air to them..Thanks for the tip.

Grant - I refer you to the 'company' IT department for that procedure :computer: (see your PM inbox)
Been a while since I have had anything worth writing about. The intention had been to wait until version 1.0 was on the road before fabricating the swaybars. In the end I just could not stand knowing I had not included something that is very basic to proper handling and tuning of a high performance car. (excluding electronically suspended cars of course).

Pardon the u bolts, all part of the mock up and development phase. The tapered arms are for the front bar, not all components are yet finished. Sorry, that should read 'not yet started'


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Howard Jones

Good start. Just what we have been talking about. Bring it all over and I'll finish welding it all up for you. Leave the arms off the bars if possible. The smaller the pieces the easier it is to weld them. Then we can assemble them on the bars and finish the final welding.
Cool. Some clean up work and paint prep will finish them up. Will be interesting to see how close all the calculations came to providing the desired anti-sway and balance adjustment range. You never know for sure.

Hey that was fast turnaround! You really didn't want to do any fiberglass work today did you????
I need a recommendation for a good handle assy. I will be installing my handle on the left side of the driver's seat. There are handles that ratchet up to lock the brakes and then drop back down out of the way. To disengage one would pull up until resistance is felt then release with the normal button depress.

I just don't remember what cars those type handles came in. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Failed to get the nuance across effectively, my bad.
The handle I am looking for ratchets up, then drops back down out of the way while still holding the park brakes on. To release you pull it back up and then push the button to let the brakes off.

Maybe the Corvette handle worked this way?
Maybe the Corvette handle worked this way?
yes, the handle dropped out of the way after being loaded. To disengage you'd lift and apply pressure, whilst depressing the tip-latch.

Mesa: would you be willing to show your car to a neighbor? I probably live within 3 miles of you and would truly love to view your build before embarking upon my own :)
Thanks guys for the input on identifying vehicles that featured the type handle I was after. What you see here is a Fiero handle modified to accept one of the Locar cable kits.

Brake handle installed and after a redesign of my initial effort, now functioning effectively with plenty of clamping power. I tried to get a little too compact with the assembly and in the end I think it caused some binding. Reworked it so that the adjusters were under the fuel tank instead of part of the handle assembly. Pulls more efficiently this way. The handle rests as in the photo whether the brakes are on or off.