Source for Auto Art?

Ron Earp

I'm looking for some prints to frame and hang in the garage. GT40 and Lola T70 spyder, anyone have a good source for prints?
Dav3Kurz sells a great high quality print of his painting of GT40 #P1040, which was owned by Don S. at the time (my last PM with Don S., forum name Cobraownr, was 1/1/07).

Here's a link:


Kinda pricey at $150, but IMHO perhaps the best looking of the MkI's and a great rendition by Kurz!
Agreed! But that looks like P/1033, owned by Tom Cotter, not P/1040?

Here's the painting:

And the real thing, P/1033:

In response to your actual question, there's an outfit producing monster-size murals of original photos (I think by Dave Friedman) from the Shelby archives, including a few great GT40 images:

Available in 6x4 feet, 9 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 4 inches, or 12x8 feet, on vinyl, wallpaper, as a flag, etc. etc. etc.

Go to for the full scoop! :thumbsup:
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Agreed! But that looks like P/1033, owned by Tom Cotter, not P/1040?
Sure does look like 1033, doesn't it (although something about the wheel well arch behind the back wheels, as well as the length of the body behind the back wheels, looks a bit off)?

Kurz represents that it is 1040:


A well preserved original GT 40, #1040 was campaigned by the Swiss Racing Team, Scuderia Filipinetti.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints from an edition of 500 copies, 9.75"x 24", $150

I wonder if Don S. is still around, I notice his last presence on the forum was back in February. Perhaps he could shed some light on the issue. I'll look back through my PM's with him, see if he said anything that can help us figure it out.


Here's a bit of info from Don:

"I checked the website and saw the print. It is nice but inaccurate. My #1040 used BRM rims (as in the print) only at '66 Le Mans, where it was car #14, not #33 as in the print. The car in the print is also missing the distinctive Filipinetti chevron on the front flank, ID lights on the roof, and other small details. My GT40 was car #33 at 1967 Monza, but there it ran on Halibrands and not BRM rims. Picky picky, I know."

I notice #1033 has the Filipinetti Chevron on the front flank that Don noted as missing from the Kurz print. I bet you are right, Mike! I wonder if Kurz knows he might have "credited" the wrong car?]

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I bet you are right, Mike! I wonder if Kurz knows he might have "credited" the wrong car?]
It seems a uniquely American trait, for owners of original GT40s who vintage race them, to number their cars according to their serial numbers. P/1083 wears #83 on its flanks, P/1047 wears #47, P/1061 wears #61, P/1054 wears #54, P/1033 wears #33, etc. etc. etc.


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I would get a poster shown below of P1054 owned by Fran Kress
The photographs were featured in Carrozzeria magazine about twenty years ago.

My all time favourite portrait of a MKI


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I was in touch with Dave Freeman this year and his whole photography collection now resides at the Henry Ford museum...his prints are avaiable there, but last time I checked there was no way to view had to pay a researcher by the hour to find what you were looking for.

I have a couple of cool posters from - Posters, Art Prints, and Framed Art Leader. if the 1966LeMans race - B/W and very nice shots.