Steve's GT-R Build Thread

Steven Lobel

GT40s Supporter
Hey Steven
On the seat - are yor brackets on the right side of the seats and a higher bracket could be to the rear.
Then locate the hole bracket an inch higher and you will manage to fit seat runners (possibly not motorised but manual should work. (needs 1 inch clearance)

The seat is as low in the bracket as it can be. I'm 5'8" and with full tilt back in the bracket I have an inch from the roof with helmet on.

Steven Lobel

GT40s Supporter
2/10/19 Started mocking in the AC. Cut 2.5” holes through upper dash plate where SLC put the smaller 6 holes. I did not feel like making a manifold and wanted an easy install. Created my AC manifold with vacuum hose adapters. Shop Vac 2.5” to 1.25”. Will run 2 vents like Mark Setter did for defroster and 2 more in dash. Adding 2 more under dash in middle. The VA vents are 2.5” hose to 2 5/8 at dash. I cut 2.5” holes to start before I realized that VA has no instructions on what to do, but they sell the wrong size hole saw on their website. If you want to use VA vents, buy a 2.625 (2 5/8) hole saw. Fortunately Nostalgic AC makes vents that fit into 2.5” holes.

Also got the dash cut apart to fit all the gauges into the metal panel and maintain ability to pull all gauges with 4 bolts. Tapped the metal plate 10-32 and made some backing plates out of 3/8” aluminum plate and tapped that too. JB welded it all together.

Made a small steel bracket for the wiper motor mount.