Strongest transaxles

Howard Jones

Your question should have been:

" I have $ XXXXXX total and I want the strongest available transaxle for that much money." Don't forget the other components such as bell housing, clutch, flywheel, clutch engagement components, shifter mechanism, electronics if required, etc,

Required specs

Max torque = XXXX
Number of gears
method of shifting ( h pattern, sequential, automatic)

call Hewland



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My Porsche G50 has held up well behind a 600HP / 500 ft/lb SBC in an Ultima that has been put to use on track. But it was $15k transaxle in 2004 with all the upgrades (billet side plates, internal spray bar etc.).


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Ricardos are supposed to be pretty bullet proof and are the strongest street transaxle that I'm aware of. More expensive than a Graz, but less expensive than any of the race transaxles that I'm familiar with. I have one if you're interested.

I decided to go with an Albins ST6-M and while I forget the torque spec it was high and for continuous use like you'd find in desert racing. It has straight-cut gears, dog box, etc. so not geared for the street. That said, the drop gear can be changed in 15 minutes (the cover has an o-ring) which would be useful for the 1/2 mile event vs. other tracks.