Glenn M

Whilst having a great time at the Goodwood members meeting, I couldn't help noticing this bargain for sale......

Only £80,000! Such attention to detail! Such lovely stickers! And panel gaps which enable you to climb in without opening the doors!



That's a quality shut line, now I know what I need to aim for...Not....Only £80k did it sell :)
That is a truly shocking price for a build of that level, I mean if the detail was not done in the body what the hell else was done badly on the rest of it
Fair cheered my up seeing that...Just doing the body on mine and so far its not looking too shabby, quality of the moulds I think more than my skill as a panel fitter....Sheared water pump pulley bolts aside...Another story....
Hi Ron,
It was on a dealer stand, not the auction.

This company buy up dozens of replica Cobras, GT40's, Porsches, etc., to resell.

Regards Steve.
It was on their stand at the NEC classic car show last November. You never know what the dealers actually get for their cars when sold, you can always come down in price but it is hard to go up. I would be delighted if I ever sell my SGT to get anywhere near the price asked for this car.
Had a good look around it when it was at the NEC and it gave me a lot more confidence about my build quality.