Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

Good morning, second week back at work begins. The rest of you enjoy the lay in & late breakfast !
Roads in Essex gradually getting a bit busier.
Best wishes to all families affected by this dreadful situation.

Dan Kasten

Still here, I am back to work on a 3 day workshare program. It is really strange being in a 1/4 mile long warehouse with just one other manager and one machine operator. Wife and all family and friends are doing fine and nobody sick.

Bill Kearley

Another week, I hope the border opens up soon as I have Factory Five Cobra parts ready to ship but cant cross the line to pick them up.
Hope I don't die of old age in the mean time.
I'm all well and good in Istanbul. Cant wait to pop back to Bucks to test drive a GT40 and take a trip to Southern GT and see what im looking at getting!

Hopefully everyone else is good.

Dan Kasten

Still here, now back to work full time. We have 3 of us in a warehouse a 1/4 mile long so we are never near each other and are wearing masks. I plan to drive the GTD to work this week now that I can park it inside next to my office.

Jim Craik

Lifetime Supporter
Jim Craik here in Los Gatos CA, Frances and I are doing well, staying inside until it’s safe. This virus is nasty, I lost my best friend growing up, Doug Goode, he was driving Uber in Silicon Valley, died a couple weeks ago. Be safe out there, it’s a nasty way to go.