Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

few more hours of work tasks to complete then it will be the weekend.
going ok still, home schooling 3 boys and working full time in Melbourne Australia......Not much time left for the GT40 at the moment.

Ryan Love

Howard Jones

Just got back from a week long trip to N calif to move my daughter to The great Republic of Texas. It's sad to see how badly my county has been effected by this...…………….well I don't want to get political...……….crisis. Much of the southwest is closed except the gas stations, fast food and, motels. Really, really the shits out there! We need to get things going now or we will not have a county left! Anyway I'm still here...…………..

Howard Jones

Lowest price for gas was $1.39 for reg unleaded out in west Texas. Highest was on highway 5 in calif at 4.29. The next off ramp had it for 2.49! we should hang that mother#$&*!.

David Morton

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All OK here in Buckinghamshire, England. Well and truly locked down. Changed a front nearside wheel on my car yesterday. Today or maybe even tomorrow I might do the front offside. I'm doing it very slowly. Swapping out the existing Goodrich tyres to Avons that Frank Catt recommended.
Just renewed my driving licence yesterday - 73 this year so it becomes a three year ritual. This time I have a pacemaker and defibrillator built in and the problem with it was a heart rate of 180

David Morton

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So the surgeons have changed everything and I am now fly by wire only and it's settled to 65 bpm.
Think of all our medical staff at this time - I'm not allowed to go anywhere near a hospital or even leave my house. They, these Doctors, Nurses, Porters, admin, cleaners , lab workers , carers (the list goes on) get up every day and go about their business which is mainly caring for coronavirus 19 patients. There is no other people up there in my opinion. These medical staff are the best people in the world and guess what? They hope they never meet you.

Dave Morton

Brian Kissel

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Best of luck to you David. You are correct the health care workers are the true heroes out there. We are still on lock down here in Michigan (State side) also.

Regards Brian
Well said David.

Reporting in from Essex, still here but first day back at work today ! 99% of the office staff are working at home until further notice but the rest of us are starting to return to Dunton. Some Ford factories also propose reopening in the next week or two.
Still here, NZ now at level 3 as of midnight last night,9 hr 45 min ago, Not much change for us being over 70 etc. Business's now open with contact less payment and handover etc Younger under 15? back to school if parents need to work. Bubble allowed to extend to seperated family members on a limited basis.

Ian Anderson

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Sunday check in from Edinburgh. OK up here. Daughter down in London has symptoms, She is a police officer so been dealing with the idiots breaking lockdown!
She seems to have had a mild dose, unlike her skipper who is in ICU.

Brian Stewart
Sorry to hear James. Looking good here for a move to Level 2, but still far too many breaking social distancing rules.