Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

Larry L.

Lifetime Supporter my younger days I fell off the peak of a skating rink I was shingling and spent 9 weeks in traction and 9 months in a cast. Never thought I live to this ripe old age!

I feel your pain, Doug.

When I was 56, 'took a two-story fall onto concrete and steel grate...2 weeks at a trauma center...3 months in a cast. 'Surgeon told me I shouldn't have survived the fall...'should have died by exsanguination about 90 seconds after hitting the concrete (tibia shattered...femoral artery should have been a sieve - it wasn't even nicked). He told me, having escaped that fate, where and how my back was broken I should have been a paraplegic or a quad...'I'm nether. 'Walked the full length of Las Vegas Blvd-and-back a little over a year later at age 57. (Thank you, God.)

'Will be 76 on Saturday. Like you, I never thought I'd live to see that either. ;) (Of course, you and I are only 'punk kids' compared to Neil! :cool: )

Regarding Corona:

It's day 82 'in solitary' for the Mrs and me. We're both still fine, praise be to God (...and knock on wood).
I don't believe I've put 30 miles on our 2 daily drivers combined since the 'lockdown' started. Our UPS and FedEx drivers have put a mile or two more than that on their rigs though!
The Mrs has 3 "underlying conditions", so she only leaves the house when it's absolutely necessary...and that's only been about 3 times to date. I'm the "gofer" in any other situation. 'Taking zero chances with her.

Stay safe, All. As a wise woman often said: "This too shall pass."
Another week done n dusted, even some of the pollies are getting itchy feet for a move to level 1, like Ive said before its not until Im out the gate n over town that the reminders kick in, needed some groceries last night, 5:30 pm and a line of 20 odd customers outside with the 1 in 1 out rule.

Brian Kissel

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Still alive and kicking in Michigan. Much of our state has been pretty much reopened. My grandson has been back racing two weeks now. Last week in Texas, this week in Tennessee. Only one parent or crew member on the line. No spectators.

Kevin Box

Still alive in Adelaide
No cases in South Australia
only 2 since 20th April

Hope all you guys are OK


Kevin B

Ian Anderson

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Edinburgh.... Still here and pretty well still in lockdown.
As an accountant I’m working from home but processing speeds over the internet Are really slow because of the systems in use.
i work for a private boarding school and trying to figure out when we will reopen and what level of pupils will be allowed etc is a huge unknown.

Theparental feedback for our remote teaching methods and teaching support is great and all our senior school pupils are running a full curriculum using numerous teaching methods so much so that pupils are seeing a full standard timetable and learning. The Junior school pupils are likewise being taught through remote systems and likewise feedback is great,

It just goes to show where there is a need some people step up to the mark.


David Morton

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Indeed, another one done. Soon I hope to be released from being one of the endangered species. I might gat as far as Christmas. I hope.
Dave M
Level 1 now here in NZ. Hope it stays that way. More concerned about the long range weather forecast, gonna get a bit chilly down here by the looks of it.... all that snow n ice & no tourists allowed in to play in it!, by the time they did there 2 week confinement it would probably be gone anyway!
Just a caution world wide, here in NZ which has been in level 1 with no new case's for 19 days. we now find that two young women travelled from the UK via Brisbane Australia and granted compassionate leave from isolation on arrival in NZ then travelled from Auckland to Wellington- after initially denying any stops on that trip it now transpires that they got lost on the Auckland motorway and had to seek help from a friend or friends. Now we have several people who are being tested due to this one case....just goes to show that you cannot let your guard down due to the nature of this virus.... we now have the military involved with border protection along with police to ensure isolation & quarantine procedures are not breached. Given the amount of 'noise' on social media the general public are not happy after we did so well thru the lockdown period, only to have it all put at risk by one or two individuals.