Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

Chris Kouba

Still here, spent most of Saturday doing laps in our 5 liter 4wd Ford checking out the limits of its traction, managed to get it up on two wheels a couple of times, fortunately it came back down on all 4 OK.

Didn't happen without pics.

We're alive and well still outside Portland, OR.

Doc Watson

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My better half lost her dad a few weeks ago to covid..... strange funeral, only 10 people allowed and driving to Bristol was surreal as most of the time we were the only people on the motorway....... we are both fine though....


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Wayhay !
My trout flyfishing season might be open this Saturday.
No worries about social distancing, it's a private beat.
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Brian Kissel

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Still here and kicking. A town about 60 miles away ( Midland Michigan ) made national news as a couple dams broke and the town flooded with several feet of water. Midland was also know as having the best collection of collectable Pontiac Fieros. Several of my friends have family living there, and had significant damage or lost homes.

Regards Brian
Still here, done some more laps, plenty more to do yet, no photos so I can deny I ever did them just in case someone thinks Im having too much fun during lockdown... actually managed to buy some trans axle bits the other day that popped up on an auction site and some tires for another project as well.... lifes good and pretty normal until I go out the gate!!

Howard Jones

Still working through my COVID projects.

First I took my motor out of the SLC to track down a oil leak. It was the oil pan gasket.

Then I finished my modifications to my trailer ramps. They are now 30 inches longer and fold into two pieces and are permanently attached to the trailer ramp. No more home depot wood pile.

Now, I am just finishing up the front and rear clip roll around rack. It stores both pieces vertically on end about 40 inches wide and as long as the clips.

Next, improve my tire racks inside my trailer then I need to prep my SLC for the first open track day at COTA since the lock down.

So all and all a pretty productive couple of months in the shop.
Hi all,
Short working week for most of us in the UK this week, after a spring bank holiday with no motor sport, car shows or air shows......
Keep safe, Steve

Doug S.

The protoplasm may be 72, but the spirit is 32!
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Hello all from Doug S. in Southwestern Kansas, USA. Doing as well as can be expected considering I just turned 71. Guess I should be glad for my younger days I fell off the peak of a skating rink I was shingling and spent 9 weeks in traction and 9 months in a cast. Never thought I live to this ripe old age! Hoping all is well for my GT40’s friends.